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Your Guide to Easy DIY Pool Care

Your Guide to Easy DIY Pool Care

DIY Pool Care

Initially, taking care of your pool may seem like rocket science, but after our quick crash course, you will see just how simple DIY pool care can be!

The experts at Tredway Pools Plus make this as simple as possible for you so that you feel confident to go and take on your pool maintenance. Follow these simple steps to enjoy your pool all summer long. 

Maintaining Pool Circulation is a Priority for DIY Pool Care

One of the best things you can do for your pool easily is to make sure you are allowing your water to circulate regularly. 

This means turning your pump on at least once a day and allowing it to run for around 12 hours. You can do this overnight to save some money on the power bill and to make it convenient for your schedule. 

Turn your pump on before you go to bed, and turn it off when you are up the next morning. 

You will also want to backwash or clean your filters when the pressure on your gauge indicates it is time. 

Maintaining a Cleaning Routine is Crucial for DIY Pool Care

The cleaning routine is critical for the care and maintenance of your pool. You will need to plan to use a net to remove large debris from the pool and a brush on the sides of the pool to keep anything from building up. 

It is also to your benefit to purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner so that you can just connect it and have it run without you needing to stand around and do it manually. 

Lucky for you all, during May, we have a sale for 20% off maintenance items and 15% off robotic cleaners! So now is the time to stock up on anything you may need to make sure your DIY pool care routine is quick and simple.

Maintaining Water Care is Most of Your DIY Pool Care

The majority of the work you will put into your DIY pool care routine is checking the chemistry of your water once a week.

If you can keep your pool chemicals balanced, you will prevent most problems from arising in your pool.

You can use test strips, an at-home testing kit, or you can bring a sample to one of our convenient Indiana locations to have your water tested professionally. 

You will want to be sure that your alkalinity, pH, and chlorine levels are within the recommended limits for whatever method of sanitizing you use. 

You will also want to shock your pool around once a week. This is a concentrated dose of sanitizer for your pool to ensure nothing is growing in it that shouldn’t be. 

Reach Out to Tredway Pools for Assistance

While DIY pool care can be simple once you are familiar with your routine, we know that problems can still come up. Tredway Pools associates are available to help you with those instances

Check-in with our service department if you have further questions or need assistance with something more complicated. We want to ensure you have a fantastic summer enjoying your pool.



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