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How to Get More Privacy in Your Backyard

How to Get More Privacy in Your Backyard

a pool with a privacy backyard fence

Building your dream pool in your backyard is the best feeling! That is…until you realize you can’t enjoy it because you have no privacy and are on display for everyone to see. Everyone at Tredway Pools Plus understands that sometimes you just want a little more privacy from the nosey neighbor next door. Be sure to plan for your ultimate backyard by including these options to get more privacy!

Add a Privacy Fence

This is usually the first option to come to mind and what most yards may already have, anyway. If yours does, great! You can kick back and relax while your pool is installed.

However, if you still need to build a privacy fence, plan to have one put in place when you are working on establishing your pool. You can save heartache by getting all the mess and work over with at once. 

Strategic Landscaping for Privacy

Another option to get more privacy in your backyard is to plant taller shrubs or trees. Using landscaping for privacy can elevate your space and make it feel more serene and natural, as opposed to standard fencing. It also provides noise reduction if you live on a noisy street or add to the privacy of a fence, as trees can grow taller each year. 

Working with a landscaper can give you even more options and ideas to increase privacy around your pool. They will have different plant options available to them that will grow well in your yard while being able to be placed well. Sometimes all it takes is a little something at the right angle to block views altogether. Using different plants will not only shield you more but will add more beauty to your space, allowing you to enjoy it more.

Add a Privacy Panel or Wall

You could build a wall or panel if you want to shield a specific area for a seating arrangement or outdoor shower. Using lattice and vine plants would make a beautiful addition to your yard while serving this purpose. It could also be an extension of a deck or your home to shield those areas. While these will not cover the entire backyard, they will keep these areas away from prying eyes.

Build Covered Patios for More Privacy

Our final suggestion is to build a covered patio or enclosed deck to add the privacy you crave. While not shielding your pool specifically, it will create an added area where you could have total privacy from the neighbors. You can put a lovely dining set here with a grill to host dinner parties with friends. This will create a wonderful atmosphere for indoor and outdoor living. 


If you are looking to install a pool or your own and upgrade your backyard, Tredway Pools Plus is here to help. Stop by any of our Fort Wayne locations to see all of the inground and above-ground pool options we have to offer as well as top-of-the-line grills, outdoor furniture, and accessories. You could have the backyard of your dreams to enjoy this summer.



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