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Miscellaneous Spa Accessories

Tredway Pools Plus offers replacement covers for your Marquis spas

Replacement Covers

When it is time to replace your spa cover, look no further than Tredway Pools Plus. Over time, your hot tub cover can become cracked, torn, waterlogged, and musty. A deteriorating cover can cause issues — increasing heat loss, utility costs, and risking potential damage to the interior of your spa if left unattended. Keep that precious heat where it belongs by choosing a quality replacement cover to protect your spa. We can order a replacement cover that fits most major hot tub brands. Just fill out our form below and bring it to your closest Tredway location.

Questions about pricing or sizing? Call 260.489.5596, and one of our exceptional team members will assist you in ordering exactly what you need.

Spa Steps and Storage

When you want a space that is as unique as you are, Marquis® Hot Tub Environments™ provide the perfect addition to your hot tub retreat. Designed to expertly coordinate with your hot tub of choice, the Step I and Step II help you safely enter and exit your spa. You can also create a surround for your hot tub with benches, corners, and fillers. Whether you want a full or partial surround and steps, you can have built-in storage, seating, and entry to maximize your hot tub enjoyment.

Tredway Pools Plus sets up steps for your Marquis spa

Hot Tub Aromatherapy

Tredway Pools Plus offers inSPAration

inSPAration 9 oz. Bottles

Transport your mind to an exotic destination with inSPAration’s® liquid aromatherapy. Combined with a mixture of vitamins, minerals and natural extracts, your aromatherapy blends feature nutrients that nourish healthy skin and hair. Choose from scents like Jasmine, Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender, Cherry Blossom, Coconut LIme Verbena and so much more. With 36 different options, you can mix and match your favorite scents for the ultimate spa soak experience.

Happy Hour Liquids, 8 oz.

Host happy hour any time of the day with inSPAration’s® exciting line of spa and bath aromatherapy. Enhance your spa soak with aromatherapy that will take you on a vacation of your senses. Choose from scents like Apple Spatini, Blue Hawaiian, Moonshine, Mojito, Merlot and Spaberry Daiquiri. Just add a few caps full to your hot tub and lean back and relax. With inSPAration aromatherapy, happy hour will be your favorite part of the day.

Tredway Pools Plus offers Happy Hour Spa & Bath Liquid Scents
Tredway Pools Plus offers Hydrotherapies Sport RX Crystals

Hydrotherapies Sport RX Crystals Collection

Immerse yourself in the power of energizing aromatherapy with inSPAration® Hydrotherapies Sport RX Crystals. Ideal for the active lifestyle, you’ll find power-packed HTX aromatherapy to enhance your day. Hydrotherapies Sport RX Crystals contain a mixture of vitamins, minerals and natural extracts to stimulate, energize, protect, relax, rebuild and elevate. Magnesium sulfate and solar sea salt combine with vitamins and minerals for a medicinal full-body treatment.

Experience scents like Clary Sage & Ginger, Lavender & Rosewood, Peppermint & Eucalyptus, and Chamomile & Bergamot. Whether you need an energy boost in the morning or to lay back and relax at night, the Sport RX Crystals Collection has just the aromatherapy for you.