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Saber Grills

Performance and innovation meet in the most perfect pairing. Our incredible models of SABER® grills are designed to enhance your outdoor living and dining. SABER’s patented infrared cooking system allows you to cook with a wide range of temperatures — consistently delivering juicy, delicious food.

The radiant heat seals in the moisture, preventing flare ups caused by traditional grills. Good for both your pocketbook and the environment, you’ll also enjoy up to 30% less fuel consumption. Say goodbye to the days of charred, dry meals. Taste the difference with a SABER grill from Tredway Pools Plus today!

Tredway Pools Plus offers Primo Grills

Primo Grills

The Primo® Ceramic Grill is a culinary wonder. Ideal for grilling, roasting, baking, and smoking, the Primo’s patented oval shape circulates the heat for food cooked to perfection each and every time. Made in the USA, these grills are popular for large backyard gatherings all the way to tailgating fun. With a selection of grill sizes and accessories to choose from, you’ll quickly find your perfect match at Tredway Pools Plus.

Tredway Pools Plus offers Telescope Casual Patio Furniture

Telescope Casual

Experience the comfort and unmatched quality of Telescope Casual furniture from Tredway Pools Plus. For over 100 years, Telescope Casual has been producing product lines for backyards around the country. Made in the USA, Telescope Casual offers a wide selection of wicker, aluminum, and resin furniture to make your backyard the gathering space of your home.

Custom orders are our specialty! From outdoor seating and dining, to poolside lounging or the flicker of a gorgeous fire table, you can bring your backyard to life with the beauty of Telescope Casual furniture from Tredway Pools.

Tredway Pools offers Nardi Furniture


Bring the style of Italy home with the colorful and chic NARDI outdoor furnishings from Tredway Pools Plus. Designed to turn your outdoor spaces into social gathering spots, you’ll love the ease and versatility of these light-weight, UV-treated polypropylene products. Choose from tables, chairs, outdoor living and dining sets, poolside lounging, and so much more.

Custom orders are our specialty! Mix and match colors and styles to your own individual taste. Made from high-quality resin, your NARDI outdoor furniture will never fade, rust, or corrode. Ergonomic comfort and ease of maintenance makes this line a delight for all applications. Live a lifestyle of sunshine and fun with the incredible NARDI outdoor options from Tredway Pools.

Tredway Pools offering C.R. Plastic furniture

C.R. Plastics

Adorn your backyard recreational spaces with environmentally-responsible outdoor furnishings from Tredway Pools Plus. Our sensational line of furniture from C.R. Plastic allows you an eco-friendly solution for your home. Using high-density (HDPE) plastic blended with vibrant pigments, your outdoor furniture will stand up to any weather conditions and will never crack, split, or deteriorate.

The 100%-recycled furnishings from C.R. Plastics are resistant to sun fading, and the heavy-duty construction is made to last for decades. Beautifully contoured for ergonomic comfort, you’ll find over 100 furniture options in 17 designer colors. Custom orders are our specialty! Experience state-of-the-art innovation with spectacular outdoor furnishings from Tredway Pools.