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Why Owning a Pool is Easier Than Ever

Why Owning a Pool is Easier Than Ever

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Owning a pool of your very own can turn your backyard space into a little piece of heaven. Many people associate owning a pool with a lot of work, though. However, Tredway Pools Plus knows that done correctly, owning a pool is easier than ever before!

With all the advancements in technology and the availability of products, you can have the easiest pool ownership experience ever, and our experts are here to tell you how.

Various Pool Options

People shy away from pools because of limited backyard space. At Tredway, we can help you find the swimming pool that will fit your space and budget.

With options like vinyl liner and fiberglass pools, you are guaranteed some of the lowest maintenance available in pool care! Both of these options offer durability while also being very simple to maintain.

Fiberglass, especially, is an up-and-coming option for homeowners who want a durable finish that is easy to keep clean.

Service is Readily Available 

If the maintenance of a pool has kept you from creating your backyard oasis, this is no longer something you must be concerned about. Our licensed and trained technicians can come out to help with whatever problems you may run into.

With just a few clicks or a phone call, you can have knowledge experts that you trust on their way to help you care for your pool.

Automated and Advanced Pool Technology

If standing over your pool with a long and skinny net makes you shudder, rest assured that technology has come to bat for you. Our vacuums went robotic, just like the Jetsons knew they would. Simply turn on your pool vacuum and leave it to run while you take care of other things.

Remote water chemistry monitors are another technological advancement. These little monitors can keep you updated on your pool’s chemical balance, alerting you to any component that needs adjustment. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to automating your pool. Timers for the pump to run, heaters to keep the water warm, and lights to make sure you can see at night are just some of the fun options out there.

Water Care Delivered to Your Door

One of the best advancements in owning a pool is that you can now have your water care shipped to you at home. And we aren’t talking about the low-quality water care available from big box stores! The best in pool supplies are available on our website now.

Simply hop online and order the products that you need. They will arrive at your front door in a few days, leaving you with one less errand to run.

Start With Tredway Pools Plus

No matter the ease of owning a pool today, a swimming pool is only as good as its builder. With over 40 years of experience in the pool and spa business, we confidently build beautiful pools and spas for Fort Wayne, Warsaw, and surrounding areas in Indiana. 

Tredway Pools Plus experts are excited to help you along in the journey to owning a pool. They will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Simply stop by one of our three locations today.



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