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4 Tips for Prepping Your Indiana Pool for Spring

4 Tips for Prepping Your Indiana Pool for Spring

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Ah, spring is on the horizon, and it’s time to think about prepping your Fort Wayne or Warsaw, Indiana pool for the upcoming season. Tredway Pools Plus knows there are some significant steps you can take now toward getting your swimming pool ready for the swim season and making sure your whole experience is joyful. 

We are sharing our favorite tips here, but Tredway can come and open your Indiana pool for you to save you time and effort. 

1 – Uncover Your Fort Wayne, Indiana Pool

First, dust off your pool cover and awaken your swimming pool from its winter slumber. Clear debris like leaves or twigs that have collected over time. 

You can use a leaf blower or broom to remove most of the debris to keep it from falling into your pool when you open the cover. Just make sure whatever tool you use isn’t too sharp. 

If you have an automatic cover, all you need to do is press one button to reveal your, hopefully, pristine water. This leads us to our next tip.

2 – Test Your Warsaw, Indiana Swimming Pool’s Water

Secondly, you’ll want to test your pool water to know where you and your pool stand. Ideally, you would have kept your pool running through the off-season or winterized things before you covered it. But that doesn’t always guarantee that your pool won’t have some chemical needs. 

No matter your pool’s state, you’ll always start with chemical testing. That way, you’ll be able to get your pool off on the right foot for spring. 

Use a test strip to get all the information you need on where your pool water chemistry is at, and go from there. You may also need to give the walls a good scrub if you are seeing some algae growth. 

3 – Make Sure Your Fort Wayne, Indiana Pool’s Equipment Is In Good Working Order

You’ll need to run your equipment when you are adding chemicals to open your pool. This will give you a chance to ensure it’s working. 

If you find that anything is struggling or, heaven forbid, not working, reach out to our service team ASAP so that we can get you the parts you need to get things up and running. 

4 – Spruce Up Your Warsaw, Indiana Pool

After you’ve got all those items, you can move on to what’s really important. Test your patio equipment by doing a little lounging, and make sure that it also survived the long winter. 

Also, ensure it still fits your vibe because you can always replace it to maintain your wants and needs. The best time to buy new patio furniture is early, before the season starts, so that you have exactly what you need as soon as you are ready to use your space! 

Tredway has a large selection of quality outdoor furniture options to choose from. We can help you find whatever you need to make your Indiana Pool the envy of the neighborhood.

And be sure to take an inventory of the rest of your backyard oasis. Maybe the grill has seen better days, or you just need some fun new pool toys and floats. Tredway has it all.  

What could you be waiting for? The spring season is fast approaching FAST. Plus, for the whole month of April, games and toys and floats are 35% off in store. Stop by our Fort Wayne North, Fort Wayne South, or Warsaw locations today to see all the options you have to make this the best swim season you’ve ever had. 



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