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From Infants to Teens: Swimming Pool Safety for Every Age

From Infants to Teens: Swimming Pool Safety for Every Age

Swimming Pool Safety makes this pool fun and safe to enjoy

Swimming pool safety is likely something that weighs on your mind. With drowning being one of the most common causes of death in children in the United States, we at Tredway are committed to helping lower that statistic. Pools should be fun and enjoyable for families, so we are here with ways to keep everyone safe this summer.

Invest in an Automated Pool Cover to Enhance Swimming Pool Safety

The best way to protect your kids and pets, and literally everyone, is to invest in a high-quality automated pool cover. Having one of these for your home is worth the money you will spend upfront because it not only provides protection for your kids but can also help you save money on pool maintenance.

These amazing bits of technology allow you to turn a switch, and the pool cover will appear and cover your pool so that nothing can fall into the water and be harmed. They can also come with a lock so that young children won’t be able to open it without a code or key.

Put a Fence Around Your Pool

Another common way to protect your loved ones is to place a fence around your pool. Making sure there is a lock on the gate is another step that can provide even more protection. In fact, most places now require you to have a fence around your pool.

There are numerous ways to place a fence in so many styles you are bound to find something that you love. From glass panes to iron, to brick, to standard wood, there is something for everyone. 

While Swimming, Put A Specific Adult on Watch to Increase Swimming Pool Safety

Something that is often overlooked during the season is when there are many adults around, someone always assumes someone else is watching. Make sure to name the person in charge of paying attention to the children and plan to take turns so that all the adults get to visit and watch the kids while they swim.

If you don’t name someone, then it is likely no one will be watching under the assumption that someone else is, putting your kids in danger.

Install a Pool Alarm to Strengthen Swimming Pool Safety

Another great technological advancement for pool safety is a pool alarm. You can place these in and around your pool. They will sound an alarm if something is detected in the range of the alarm. This can provide great mental relief if you have someone in your life who is prone to wander that might slip away quickly and you not notice. 

Store Chemicals in a Safe Place

Finally, another safety feature that might be overlooked is storing your pool chemicals in a safe place out of reach of anyone who might not understand how dangerous they can be. Whether that is in a closet up high or a specialty outdoor cabinet with a lock, make sure pool water chemicals are put away and locked up. 


If you are looking for more ways to keep your loved ones safe this summer, stop by one of our locations to chat with our employees. They can direct you to make sure you have covered all your bases and that you and your family can safely enjoy all the amazing benefits of owning a pool. 



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