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Your Guide to Pool Safety Covers

Your Guide to Pool Safety Covers

Most people are familiar with pool covers in some form, but did you know there are a few different types? The two main types are a winter cover and a pool safety cover. Tredway Pools can assist you in purchasing either one for your pool this end of season, depending on your specific needs.

While a winter cover will protect your investment from the elements and make opening your pool much easier come springtime, if you have younger children or pets around your pool you will likely want more from your pool cover. A safety cover offers more protection as it holds more weight than a simple winter cover. Here are some options to help you decide which safety cover might be best for you. 

Mesh Pool Safety Cover

The first type of safety cover is made of mesh, with smaller holes in the cover to allow some water to pass through. This is useful with fluctuating water levels associated with freezing temperatures and ice. However, it also means smaller debris could enter the water.

A mesh safety cover is strong enough to hold any person or animal that may fall onto the cover unexpectedly. This added level of protection is a huge relief to families. Not only will it keep your investment safe, but it will also keep your loved ones safe.

Solid Pool Safety Cover

A solid safety cover offers the same benefits as a mesh cover, with the added protection of no small holes to allow water to pass through. It will keep out all debris, further helping to keep your water balanced. Using a solid safety cover means opening your pool in the spring will be simpler and more straightforward.

Since less debris gets through, the water should stay cleaner and the chemicals will remain more effective. Either of these first two options will provide an extra layer of protection over a simple winter cover for your pool. 

Automatic Pool Safety Cover

This type of safety cover is the most convenient and streamlined option available. Not only will it hold an immense amount of weight, but it can be installed under the lip of the pool to make it seamless with the edges of the pool.

Plus, it will open and close with the simple turn of a key. Using this type of safety cover, you can open and close it daily if you want. Whenever the pool isn’t in use, you can simply turn the key to ensure your children and pets are safe. This peace of mind greatly offsets any initial investment involved with these. An automatic cover will require professionals to install. 


Protect not only your investment but also your family year-round with one of these amazing safety covers. If you’re ready to invest in any of these pool safety covers, reach out to Tredway Pools. We are excited to show you each of these options and further discuss how they will benefit you and your space, as well as give you a customized quote. 



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