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How to Protect My Hot Tub During Winter in Indiana

How to Protect My Hot Tub During Winter in Indiana

Brrr! It’s no secret the Fort Wayne and Warsaw areas are known to have harsh winter weather. We prepare in advance with warm jackets, tire treads, and having our HVAC system serviced before the winter weather arrives. This type of preparation is no different when it comes to your hot tub. So, ask yourself, “How can I protect my hot tub during winter in Indiana?” Let us help you with these cold weather tips.

Purchase a Marquis®  Hot Tub

Made with premium design and quality, winter weather is no match for a Marquis hot tub. Marquis hot tubs come armed with features such as Icynene® spray foam insulation, DuraCover®  energy cover that seals heat in, the SmartClean™ software that automatically circulates and reheats water daily, and a built in control pack with sensors that monitors the water’s temperature at all times. Take that, winter!

Maintenance is Crucial

When the weather is bitterly cold, it’s easy to put off your regular hot tub maintenance. However, a crucial aspect to protecting your hot tub during winter in Indiana is regular cleaning and staying stocked with care products. Contact us at Tredway Pools Plus to stock up on your needed chemicals and supplies. We even offer curbside pickup so you never have to leave the warmth of your car. 

Pre-Winter Maintenance

Before winter arrives, there are some routine things you should do that will help your hot tub’s efficiency and ensure protection from the cold. First, in early Fall, drain and clean your hot tub water. While drained, clean all parts and replace filters. 

Keep it Covered

Keeping your spa covered when not in use has many helpful benefits. First, it prevents anything from getting in your hot tub such as snow, leaves, or dirt. Second, it keeps the heat in and the cold out. Your hot tub and wallet will appreciate this energy saving effort. If your hot tub cover is cracked or in poor condition, contact us to or complete this form to order. We’ll give you a hand!

For even more winter seal, we recommend a Covana Oasis® cover. The Covana Oasis shields your spa with a reinforced hard shell to provide even more protection from winter weather. Water tight seals protect your hot tub and keeps hot tub costs down by reducing electrical demand. When it’s time to soak in your hot tub, the cover lifts at the push of a button, even if it’s covered in snow. Even better, Covana covers are not only helpful in winter. Enjoy four seasons of use and enjoyment as the Covana Oasis converts to a gazebo to protect from summer sun. Yes, please!

Using your hot tub in winter is enjoyable and exciting. Don’t be afraid of Fort Wayne’s and Warsaw’s winter weather and its potential effect on your hot tub. Protect your hot tub during winter in Indiana with these tips! Plan ahead and contact us at Tredway Pools Plus for all your hot tub needs. Happy winter soaking!



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