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What’s the Difference in Winter Pool Covers and Pool Safety Covers?

What’s the Difference in Winter Pool Covers and Pool Safety Covers?
automatic pool covers over a pool
Winter covers versus safety covers: what’s the difference and which do I need?

If you’ve been shopping around for pool covers, you’ve likely come across several different terms, such as winter covers, safety covers, mesh covers, and solid covers. What are the differences in these types of pool covers? And, most importantly, which is the type of cover you need for your pool? Here’s the skinny on pool covers!

All types of pool covers do a couple of important things. Any type you get will keep leaves and debris out of your pool. So, if simply making your spring pool opening easier is your primary goal, most any cover you choose will do the trick!

What Winter Pool Covers Do

Winter covers are designed to protect the pool all winter long. There are two types of winter pool covers: mesh and solid. Mesh covers are typically the most affordable. Mesh covers catch the solid debris, like leaves, pine needles, and sticks. However, they allow the water (and snowmelt) to pass through.

Solid covers keep out debris as well as liquid, and offer the additional benefit of blocking sunlight. The sun-blocking serves a twofold purpose: helping to prevent evaporation and helping thwart the growth of algae.

Winter covers are usually pretty quick and easy to install.

What Pool Safety Covers Do

While winter covers primarily protect the pool, safety covers are designed to protect people and pets. Safety covers can be used any time of year, and are designed to keep out heavy debris, such as fallen limbs. So, these are great options for areas prone to severe storms.

But the primary goal is to keep people, particularly children and pets, from accidentally or purposefully falling into the pool. Safety covers are quite sturdy, and won’t collapse or buckle even if someone walks across the covered pool.

Due to the sturdiness and safety design, safety covers are typically a bit more expensive than mesh or solid winter covers. But these covers are well worth the price for many families with small children or pets who have access to the backyard.

Automatic Safety Covers

While not all safety covers are automatic, automatic pool covers are typically classified as safety covers. The advantage of an automatic pool cover is that they open and close with the simple push of a button. The convenience means that automatic covers tend to be used with more regularity and consistency, and the more it’s used, obviously, the less chance there is that someone will wander into the backyard when the cover isn’t on.

Tredway Pools is proud to help with all your pool and spa needs, from installing automatic covers to all your pool parts and supply needs. Visit us in Fort Wayne North, Fort Wayne South, or Warsaw today!



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