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How Much Does a Swimming Pool Cover Cost in 2022?

How Much Does a Swimming Pool Cover Cost in 2022?
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The cost of a pool cover is a worthwhile investment for safety and easier maintenance.

The question isn’t necessarily how much does a pool cover cost, but how much not having one could cost you in the long run. When you purchase a swimming pool, sometimes the extras come as a surprise. You don’t always expect to consider filters or different types of lighting when you picture languishing by the poolside. Not to mention, swimming pool covers. But a good quality automatic pool cover can save you in the long run, keeping your yard safe and your pool in top condition.

Why a Pool Cover Cost is Worth the Investment 

Save Your Furry Friends

Pets are many people’s pride and joy. But they’re not always the smartest when it comes to safety! They love to zoom around the backyard, not sparing a thought to the deep water next to them. Accidents can happen, especially with inground pools and slippery tiles. The best way to prevent them when you’re not there is to have an automatic pool cover. It also helps keep out local wildlife who drop by for a drink or a dip and end up getting stuck in the process!

It’s a lifesaver if you have little ones running around too. Not only does it keep them from falling in but it allows you to monitor when they’re in there. Rather than them deciding it’s pool time when your back is turned!

Keep Things Clean

A swimming pool cover is the best defense you have against debris. While the chemicals and regular cleaning is a must, a pool cover cuts your work in half. When leaving a pool open, all kinds of leaves and trash get blown in, especially in stormy weather, and it’s exhausting scooping it all out. An automatic pool cover will still collect dirt on top but a quick brush-off is a quick solution. This not only saves time but money in the long run, giving your filters a helping hand.

Go For a Quality Pool Cover

It can be tempting to go for a bargain, but a good quality automatic pool cover that costs a bit more may save you money later on. Pool covers that are thin or not well made will wear down quickly. Depending on the weather conditions, you need a cover to withstand changing temperatures without splitting. And different conditions without developing tears. If you opt for cheap, you could end up having to replace it again within the year.

Trap in the Heat

If you’ve opted for a heated pool, a cover is a must-have. Keeping your pool open allows all of the heat pumping into the water to escape out into the atmosphere. Not only does this make for a cold dip but it makes for a costly pool. Putting an automatic pool cover on in between use will trap the heat inside the water and will make it easier (and cheaper) to maintain a steady temperature.

Get a Custom Quote for Your Pool Cover Cost

If you have decided it’s time to stop leaving your pool open and opt for a cover, get in touch with our team. Here at Tredway Pools, we have a range of pool covers to suit you. Since every pool is different, we always supply a custom quote per pool. Just call (260) 489-5596 or head on down to one of our stores in Fort Wayne North, Fort Wayne South, or Warsaw for your custom pool cover quote today!



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