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Backyard Oasis: Designing a Family-Friendly Swimming Pool Area

Backyard Oasis: Designing a Family-Friendly Swimming Pool Area

Designing a family-friendly swimming pool area doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with our experts at Tredway Pools Plus, it can even be a fun process! We are ready and able to guide you through the process of making your backyard everything that you want it to be for your family to enjoy for years to come. Here are a few things to think through as you begin dreaming.

What Are Your Family’s Must-Haves?

The first thing to consider when you are designing your family-friendly swimming pool area is what your family must have. 

This could include a larger shallow end for smaller kids, a basketball goal for sports lovers, or loungers for you to lay out and read on.

Whatever you decide you must have should go at the top of your list. Having these things narrowed down when you come in to plan your build will help us ensure that we are putting your money in the places important to you.

What Would Be Nice to Have in Your Family-Friendly Swimming Pool Area?

The next thing you can consider are things that would be nice to have in your family-friendly swimming pool area. 

Would you like to have an outdoor kitchen to cook in while the kids swim? Do you plan to host large dinner parties around your pool and need a lot of dining and seating options to accommodate everyone?

Let our experts know, and we can help you ensure you have the furnishings to accommodate it.

Safety Features You Need in Your Family-Friendly Swimming Pool Area

Safety is always essential to consider when you have younger children, pets, or other potential needs requiring extra supervision. 

Tredway associates are trained in CPR and can help you find ways to keep your loved ones safe.

Consider adding things like an automatic safety cover so that you can cover your pool with just the turn of a key. This will keep any susceptible individuals from the worst outcomes should they fall into the pool. An automatic cover comes without a ton of extra effort on your part or the need to deal with anything cumbersome regularly. 

Safety covers are designed to hold adults, so make sure our experts know your exact needs and concerns so that we can help you keep everyone safe.

Add a Personal Touch

Once you have all the needs and safety taken care of, it is time to have some fun!

Consider adding fun games to the space like an outdoor pool table, cornhole, or even a volleyball net. What would your family most enjoy doing together?

Make sure to include a grill to cook on with the whole family, as well as seating to make everyone more comfortable. 

Is there anything extra you need? Maybe an outdoor fridge would serve your family well in keeping drinks and snacks for the kids easily accessible. You might even want to add a fire pit or make sure to have plenty of umbrellas spread out to get away from the sun.

When you are ready, stop by one of our convenient Fort Wayne locations to speak with any of our associates and get started. We cannot wait to help you make your backyard the space of your dreams.



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