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Family Fun in the Sun: 10 Activities to Try at Your Pool

Family Fun in the Sun: 10 Activities to Try at Your Pool

When the summer sun is shining brightly and the temperature is soaring, there’s no better place to have some family fun than your backyard pool

Tredway Pools Plus understands the importance of creating lasting memories with your loved ones. That’s why we have compiled a list of ten exciting activities to enjoy at your pool, ensuring endless family fun in the sun. 

1. Host Food and Drink Night

Kick the summer off by inviting your favorite friends or family members over for a drink tasting and charcuterie boards poolside.

Have everyone bring a bottle of their favorite beverage to share. 

You can also create unique charcuterie boards. Have one friend bring a chocolate-based one. Another friend can bring a movie-themed one, while still another may bring a fruit-based one. The options are limitless.

This can be hours of fun and customized to everyone’s preferences, including kids if they are attending.

2. Grill Out in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Turn your poolside area into a culinary haven by firing up the grill in your outdoor kitchen. Prepare delicious barbecued treats while enjoying the company of your loved ones. 

3. Play Billiards or Shuffleboard on an Outdoor Table

Introduce an outdoor billiards or shuffleboard table to your pool area for some friendly competition. Engage in exciting matches with family members and friends, showcasing your skills and having a blast together. 

4. Have a Water Gun Fight for Amazing Family Fun

What better way to soak up the sun than having an epic water gun fight in the backyard? Grab a variety of options from the store and let the kids wear out chasing each other around the yard.

5. Organize Poolside Picnics

Transform lunchtime into an adventure by arranging poolside picnics. Let the kids make their own meals outdoors where the mess doesn’t matter. Spread the PB & J all over! You can even make s’mores over a fire pit or the grill if you like. 

6. Host Poolside Movie Nights for Ultimate Family Fun

Take movie nights to a new level by setting up an outdoor theater near your pool. 

Create a cozy seating area with comfy outdoor furniture and blankets with a projector and a large screen. Or let people relax on floats in the pool while the movie plays.

Enjoy family favorites or the latest blockbusters under the starry sky while your pool sparkles.

7. Dive into Pool Games

Unleash the fun with various pool games that cater to all ages. Play classic games like Marco Polo, water volleyball, or diving for treasure. Add inflatable toys, pool noodles, and beach balls for endless entertainment.

8. Plan a Poolside Scavenger Hunt for Family Fun

Organize a poolside scavenger hunt that will get the entire family involved. Create a list of items hidden around the pool area and let the adventure begin. From finding hidden objects underwater to solving clues leading to surprises, this activity will ignite everyone’s sense of exploration and excitement.

9. Arrange Poolside Yoga or Water Aerobics

Combine exercise and relaxation by practicing yoga or water aerobics by the pool. Engage in gentle stretches, improve your flexibility, and strengthen your body while enjoying the serene ambiance. You can follow online tutorials or hire an instructor to guide your family through invigorating sessions.

10. Create Poolside Art for Family Fun

Encourage your family’s creativity by setting up an outdoor art station by the pool. Provide canvases, paints, brushes, and water-friendly art supplies. Let everyone express their artistic flair while enjoying the tranquil surroundings. This activity is perfect for small children as they can make a mess outdoors and then hop in the pool to wash everything away when they are done.

Tredway Pools Plus understands that a pool is more than just a place to swim; it’s the center of family fun and memorable experiences. 

Stop by one of our convenient locations today to see all the fun that is waiting for you there.



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