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Making the Most of Your Pool: Expert Tips for Maintaining Optimal Pool Health

Making the Most of Your Pool: Expert Tips for Maintaining Optimal Pool Health

A large part of being able to enjoy your pool is keeping everything in top running condition so you can enjoy the water safely and keep everyone healthy.

Tredway Pools Plus experts know that doing this can seem intimidating or stressful to new pool owners, but anyone who has worked with us can tell you that we strive to make things simple and easy so that you can enjoy your investment all the time.

Following these easy tips will make sure your water is well maintained and crystal clear.

Check the Water Chemistry Once a Week

When you think of pool maintenance, you likely think of balancing water chemistry. While there are little test sets available for purchase that look like you are getting ready to perform a chemistry experiment in a lab, those are not necessary.

You can grab a test strip and dip it in the water to keep things as simple as possible when starting out. Once it has soaked the water in, you will hold it up to compare it to the diagram included and match colors. These color matches will let you know what chemicals are needed to keep your water in excellent condition.

Having basic chemicals like shock, chlorine, pH increaser and decreaser, and alkalinity increaser on hand will ensure you are ready to add whatever your test strip calls for when you check each week.

You can always check with us if problems arise that you cannot solve alone.

Invest in a Quality Automatic Vacuum for Your Pool for Easy Maintenance

The next best thing to do to keep up with maintenance is to invest in a quality automatic pool vacuum. Having one of these accessible will keep you from constantly brushing the sides of your pool or fishing things off the floor of your pool with a net.

While having those tools on hand for more significant needs is still good, an automatic vacuum cleaner will take a lot of the grunt work out of things for you.

Keep an Eye on Your Pump and Filters

Finally, you will want to monitor your pump and filters.

You should check the filter basket routinely to ensure water can circulate well throughout the space. This is a simple lift and dump to prevent buildup from forming and clogging the filter.

You will also need to backwash your sand pump or rinse debris from the cartridge filters.

You can check the pressure gauges attached to the pumps to know when it is necessary to give things a good cleanout.

When in doubt, it can never hurt to go ahead and give a good backwash or rinse to a filter.

As always, every pool will have different needs, since how many bathers, how much usage, and location will play a part in how it is maintained. You can rest easy knowing that the experts at Tredway Pools Plus are always available to help guide you through any problems that may arise. Reach out today to learn more about how easy and wonderful pool ownership can be.



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