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5 Must-Haves for Your Family Game Room

5 Must-Haves for Your Family Game Room

family game room

Designing your family game room can be so much fun! However, with so many options, choosing what you need can be a little daunting. Tredway Pools Plus is an expert in designing game rooms, so to help get you started, here are five must-haves for your family game room. 

1. Game and Dining Table Combo

For any family game room, you want to fit as much fun as possible into one space. The easiest way to ensure this happens is by adding either a pool table that doubles as a dining table or a foosball or bumper pool table with an added dining top. Using these options, you will get the benefit and joy of a game table along with space to eat as a family or group. 

The pool table will obviously be a larger dining table for your family to use, but if you are really tight on space, the smaller option of a foosball or bumper pool table could be the way to go. Adding the tabletop option will also allow you to play board or card games as a family at the table as well. 

2. Bar and Bar Stools

While this may not seem like your first thought regarding a family game room, a bar and bar stools enable you to keep drinks and snacks readily available. You won’t be running back and forth to the kitchen while the family is having fun with this addition. It could also double as a great party space for any event you want to host with friends and family. And think of how much fun your kids will have with their friends over for a slumber party! They can just hang in the game room the whole time, enjoying snacks, drinks, and games.

With Legacy® and Tredway, you can also have a beautiful, cohesive look for this. Legacy offers sophisticated styles to choose from, with matching pieces in each set. Your bar and bar stools will seamlessly fit with your dining table combo of choice, making this a beautiful and functional space to use.

3. TV and Surround Sound

Adding a TV and surround sound to your game room will ensure you have space to play video games or watch the big game as well. Throw in some cozy sofas or chairs, and you have a great space to enjoy all sorts of games in!

4. Grill

Since most game rooms are in a basement or have access to a deck or other outdoor space, we recommend incorporating a high-quality grill into the area. This will add to the entertainment value of the space you are using. Your family will never want to leave this great space between the bar, games, and grill!

5. Darts or Other Game 

Finish your space with a dart board or other coveted game like air hockey or table tennis. Think about what your family would enjoy the most and go for it. Adding more games to fill in any extra space will ensure everyone has a blast. 


If you want to start or complete your family game room, stop by your local Warsaw or Fort Wayne Tredway location to see all the attractive options we offer. We can’t wait to help you make your space exactly what you’re envisioning! 



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