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Your Ultimate Planning Guide to Designing a Game Room in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Your Ultimate Planning Guide to Designing a Game Room in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Designing a game room in your home can be an exciting adventure! Upon first glance, though, it may feel a little overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from nowadays, and where do you even begin your planning? Tredway Pools Plus not only has everything you need to bring your ultimate game room to life, but our experts are here to help guide you through the entire process. With our knowledgeable employees in-store to our free consultations, you will have your ultimate game room designed in no time at all!

Step 1. Measure your game room.

The first step in this process is for you to decide which room you want to use as a game room in your home and then measure it. Ask yourself things like:

  • “Which room are we using the least?”
  • “Which room has the most space?”
  • “Where would a game room be convenient for us to have?”

The answers to these questions should send you in the right direction. The most popular places are a basement, unused dining room, or living room space.

After determining the ideal room to use, grab a measuring tape and start measuring. You may even want to roughly sketch out the room even if it’s just a basic four walls situation. (Don’t worry, we aren’t artists either, and we are not here to judge your drawing abilities.) Label the lengths of each wall, and keep your handy dandy guide to make sure what you choose for your space will actually fit in it!

Step 2. Decide what your first game table will be.

This decision may be the hardest decision you have to make while designing a game room. There are so many fun options available through our stores! We have the obvious things like a pool table, poker table, and darts. Still, we also carry other fun options like air hockey, ping pong, and shuffleboard! Think about how you and your loved ones like to spend your time together.

Do you play board games? Do you play card games? Do you like pool? These questions will help you narrow down all the choices available. If you need a more in-depth look at each option, consider what could be the best game tables for your family! If you still have questions, of course, our employees are also happy to help walk you through each variety.

If you have younger children, you are looking to accommodate, that doesn’t mean you have to rule a pool table out entirely. If you or your partner LOVE to play pool, there are plenty of games you can play with your smaller kids. From playing a game where you just get a ball in a pocket with your toddlers to playing baseball pool with your high school kids, there is a fun game for everyone in the family to learn and enjoy together.

Step 3. Decide on a budget.

Once you have planned out which table is the most important for you to get first, you can begin to work on a budget. You can call our store to get estimates on any piece you are interested in to help you get going. Make sure to account for any paint touch-ups, electronics, furniture pieces, grills, etc., that you plan to add to the space. Knowing precisely what you are looking to spend before shopping and falling in love with something that would blow your entire budget is beneficial.

Step 4. Plan furniture around the game tables.

After you have chosen the perfect game table or tables for your space, you are ready to start shopping! Our stunning offerings from Legacy® are available in multiple styles to fit any home decor. So, you are prepared to plan to add a bar and stools to your game room that coordinate with the game table itself! Purchasing matching furniture for the entire area will elevate your space in ways the traditional game rooms could not have imagined. 

Think about what items and accessories you would like to have available to you while enjoying time with friends and family in this space. Would you like to have a drink? Maybe your want to be able to grill out conveniently while entertaining. Do you want to create a lounge area with a sofa and TV? These questions will help you to build around your all-important game table. You can even make it more of a man cave for the men in your life if you like by adding darts and surround sound to watch the big game!

Step 5. Buy quality pieces so that they last a lifetime. 

When you have everything you want to add to your game room laid out in a list form, you are ready to head to our store and make your selections. Be sure to bring that magical diagram of your room with you so that you are confident your pieces all fit in the space. Our experts will be ready to help you double-check all the measurements once you arrive. 

In-store, you can see samples of things we can order for you. We only work with Legacy as they offer high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time. The game tables are all solid wood and exquisite to see. Buying high-quality pieces like this ensure that nothing is plastic or easily broken by rough children or friends who visit. Solid wood pieces of furniture can be passed through generations even. The investment is worth it to not worry about constantly replacing something in your room. 


You are ready to design your own ultimate game room! Getting started now will allow you to spend the coldest parts of winter indoors in the warmth of your home, having a blast with your friends and family. If you still feel like you need help getting started, we offer free consultations! Reach out to one of our experienced employees today to get even more ideas on what could make your home everything you ever dreamed of! We can’t wait to hear from you, Fort Wayne, Indiana!



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