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5 Tips for the Best Hot Tub Holiday Party

5 Tips for the Best Hot Tub Holiday Party

couples celebrating a hot tub holiday party

The most wonderful time of the year calls for the most wonderful hot tub holiday party to go along with it! How do you pull this off? It’s pretty simple, like a regular party, with the bonus of soaking and relaxing in your hot tub with loved ones. The experts at Tredway Pools Plus are here to help you make some extra considerations you might not think of on your own. With these simple things, you will surely be the favorite holiday party stop for years to come!

1. Make sure your hot tub water is ready to go!

Before a holiday hot tub party, the biggest thing to do is to ensure your water is crystal clear and clean for your guests. This will require you to check and balance everything like you usually would. Then, on the morning of the party, throw in some extra shock so the tub can keep up with the additional people. Once the party is over, rebalance and toss in some tennis balls to ensure all the excess oils are soaked up. So EASY!

2. Grab some plastic drinkware at your hot tub holiday party. 

What you choose to serve is totally up to you. (We like a festive holiday-themed cocktail!) We HIGHLY recommend that you serve your drinks in plastic stemware, and this will prevent having glass on the ground with bare feet or, heaven forbid, glass in your hot tub. Trust us; you don’t want either event to ruin the mood for the evening. And if your holiday drinks contain alcohol, just be sure to enjoy them after your soak. 

3. Plan to play holiday-themed games at your hot tub holiday party.

Games like charades are always a fun time. Make it holiday themed by throwing in Christmas movies or characters, or maybe Hannakah traditions or stories. This will allow your guests to enjoy soaking in the hot tub while interacting with everyone. You could also do a dirty Santa (white elephant) game with hot tub or pool-themed gifts for a fun twist. You can also get floating pool games as well, and there are quite a few options to choose from. 

4. Make robes or slippers a party favor for your hot tub holiday party. 

Everyone loves a party favor or gift for holiday parties. Make yours serve a dual purpose by including something your guests will use while at your home. Having robes and slippers wrapped up for guests to use and then take with them makes for a practical party favor. They could each be festive or keep things elegant by using plain robes and slippers. 

5. Set the mood for your hot tub holiday party.

Making sure that the atmosphere is what you want on the day of the party is important. Plan out a playlist for the style of music you like. Plan food to coordinate with your theme as well. Adding things like a fire, heaters, and aromatherapy in and around your hot tub will elevate your party and allow you to stand out from the crowd.


We can’t wait to see all the beautiful things you guys come up with for your hot tub holiday parties. Take time to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with the ones you love the most. Happy holidays from everyone at Tredway Pools Plus!



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