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4 Ways a Hot Tub Provides Year-Round Fun for the Whole Family

4 Ways a Hot Tub Provides Year-Round Fun for the Whole Family

family enjoying year-round fun in their hot tub

Did you know that hot tubs can provide enjoyment for the entire family all year long? There are so many benefits of a hot tub — relaxation, socializing, self-care, exercising, family time, and more. You may not even be fully aware of all the ways a hot tub helps you out during the year. With that in mind, here are 4 ways a hot tub provides year-round fun for the whole family. 

Enjoy Some Leisure Time in Your Hot Tub

In today’s world, it seems that almost everyone is regularly engrossed in screen time — whether it is a phone, tablet, computer, or television. For a change, why not put those gadgets away and enjoy some family time? Less screen time and more family time sounds like a wonderful idea when you have a hot tub. 

Spending time with family in the hot tub is not only enjoyable but also beneficial in several ways. Soaking in the hot tub helps you relax and also helps you get a better night’s sleep. The hot tub relaxes sore muscles and also loosens up muscles before you exercise. The hot tub even provides comfort. But, you don’t have to have a particular reason to soak in the hot tub; it may just be for your own personal timeout. Just relax and let the stresses of the day float away. 

You could have story time in the hot tub with a family member reading a book, or you could tell stories. A fun way to make up a story is for one person to say a few words and then they stop mid-sentence and the next person continues the story. They can add as many words as they would like before the next person adds to the story. Keep the tale going as long as you would like. There are countless other games to play in the hot tub as well. 

Have some Anytime Fun in Your Hot Tub

Maybe you are wondering what the best time of day to use your hot tub is. Families can enjoy the hot tub at any time of day — first thing in the morning, before or after exercise, or in the evening before bedtime. 

You may think that a hot tub would not be very enjoyable in the summer months, but you can enjoy your hot tub in the summer too. Take a short soak in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the day kicks in. Turning the temperature down a little allows you to enjoy the hot tub at any time of day in the summer. Even better, add a floating ice bucket to your hot tub to keep some bottled water handy; hydration is always important. 

Sunset is a great time for the family to enjoy a soak in the hot tub to unwind at the end of the day. At night when the temperature has dropped a little, the whole family can get in the hot tub and enjoy some time gazing at the stars. A relaxing soak just before bedtime is another option. 

Keep in mind that small children should only enjoy the hot tub in short increments of time. The hot tub is not recommended for children under two, and those under five should only spend a few minutes at a time in the hot tub. Consult with your pediatrician to find out the ideal amount of hot tub time for your children. Adult supervision is key with children in or near the hot tub.

Let Your Hot Tub Do the Legwork

There are many exercises and stretches that you can do in the hot tub. Make the hot tub part of the exercise routine for the entire family. Did you know that you can even boost your metabolism with a hot tub? When your metabolism is higher, more calories are burned. You can have fun with the family and burn calories all at the same time. 

Switch up your family exercise routine. A couple of nights a week, do a few exercises as you soak in the hot tub. According to Steve Faulkner, a British exercise physiologist, just soaking in the hot tub for an hour may be equivalent to about a thirty-minute walk. No one minds burning a few extra calories!

Bask in Accessible Hot Tub Luxury

To keep that spark in your love life, how about a hot tub date night? Make sure your hot tub is clean and that the water chemistry is just right for your special night. Think of a clever way to invite your partner to the hot tub for date night. Get someone to watch the children for you. Add a special touch with candles and dimmed lighting. Refreshments and some soft music will be the icing on the cake. The massaging jets help the cares of the day melt away as you enjoy time together. 

Getting out is nice, but staying home can be just as enjoyable. When you go out on the town or away on vacation, so much money is spent in just a short amount of time. You have the memories from that trip but nothing else to show for it. With a backyard oasis, the whole family can enjoy a getaway at any time of day, all year long? 

Soaking in a hot tub helps chase the blues away, not to mention that soaking in hot water just helps you feel better in general. Hot tubs are especially beneficial when you find yourself under a lot of stress. Relaxing improves your mood as well. Just being out in nature — watching the birds, hearing the crickets chirp, feeling the wind blow — helps you relax and feel better; and you can do all of that from your hot tub.

Whatever activities you decide on, you are sure to have a great time in the hot tub with family and friends. Are you looking for a hot tub? Call Tredway Pools at 260-489-5596 to find out which hot tubs we have on the way. 



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