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4 Patio Furniture Trends for 2022

4 Patio Furniture Trends for 2022

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The summer of 2022 is upon us in Indiana! Whether your patio furniture is damaged or the style is sorely out of date, now’s the time to start planning for your new furniture. Before you make any decisions, read more about some of the latest patio furniture trends for 2022

Keep in mind that you can incorporate some of these trends into your existing décor to add some modern touches. By just making a few simple changes, you can use your patio furniture to create a warm and welcoming space you’ll be proud to share with your guests.

Patio Furniture Trend #1: Add Some Color

Though your backyard will be filled with the lush greenery of summer, don’t be afraid to add color in other ways, too. Specifically, add some color with your patio furniture. Not only will bright colors pop against the foliage, they’ll also give your backyard a high-end feel. There are a couple of very easy ways to do this. You can either choose bright and colorful patio furniture, or you can choose to accent it in other ways. For example, if you choose a neutral patio furniture set, you can add colorful pillows or cushions to bring up the look a notch.

Patio Furniture Trend #2: Bring the Indoors…Outdoors

Find ways to make your outdoor space just as cozy and inviting as the inside. Some pieces you already own might transfer well to an outdoor space. Think rattan trays or faux plants to accent your patio table. Add candles and lanterns to create an even more live-in look. 

Patio Furniture Trend #3: Outdoor Rugs

You can also purchase an outdoor rug to layer underneath your patio furniture to bring the entire area a more homey and cozy vibe. Bonus: these rugs can just be hosed or swept off when they get dirty. So maintenance is a breeze! 

Patio Furniture Trend #4: Earthy, Natural Tones

By mixing a variety of different textures and materials, you create an interesting space that’s still comfy and inviting. For example, if you choose metal patio furniture, you can accent it with wooden tables to add an earthy feel. Balance your cool grays with rattan or wicker accessories to add a natural touch. 

On the other side, rattan furniture can also provide a warm and earthy look. But don’t be afraid to accent it with bold colors and other interesting patterns in the form of pillows, rugs, or outdoor sculptures or garden accents. 

Patio Furniture And So Much More!

At Tredway Pools Plus, we have patio furniture as well as everything else you need to turn your backyard into the relaxing space of your dreams. In addition to furniture, we also carry SABER® and Primo® grills to complete your outdoor space. 

Contact us today if you need outdoor furniture in Indiana so we can help turn your backyard into a place you’re excited to relax and entertain. We are a proud retailer of Telescope Casual, a quality patio furniture brand that’s proudly made in the USA. Check out our selection today!



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