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Toast the New Year on the Grill

Toast the New Year on the Grill

Every New Year brings with it a chance to enhance your lifestyle. And if you love the outdoors and flavorful food, it’s time for you to toast this New Year on the grill. Besides — preparing the food outside means you have extra room for celebrating indoors. And the grill adds an unexpected and delicious element to your New Year’s Eve dishes.

Whatever type of grill you have, the thrill of outdoor cooking is unmatched. With so many benefits to grilling and so many fun activities you plan at home, there’s no reason to head out for New Year’s Eve. With that in mind, let’s check out some ways you can ring in this New Year on the grill.

Plan a Fancy New Year’s Eve at Home on the Grill

A ritzy night out on the town for New Year’s Eve can get costly, not to mention can be hard to book, unless you plan way in advance. But, when you’re a grill master, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Invite your friends over for a dressy New Year’s Eve event, complete with gourmet food and drink prepared on your grill. 

Yes, you read that right; you can even prepare the night’s drinks on the grill. Blow your friends minds with these unique smoky cocktails, prepared with the help of your grill. Then, for a flavorful, healthy, and money-saving NYE main course, try out this delectable orange glazed duck served with garlic cauliflower mash. Or serve up these impressive grilled scallops served on yellow pepper relish. Top off your high-end meal with these mouth-watering peach and mango parfaits prepared with the help of your grill.

Just don’t forget your apron when you’re grilling in your fancy clothes.

Host a Neighborhood New Year’s Eve Bash

Throw a neighborhood backyard party this New Year’s Eve, and teach your neighbors a thing or two about cooking outdoors. Flaunt your grilling skills, and treat them to these savory burgers stuffed with brie. To balance things out, serve them up with this flavor-packed roasted corn salad. Then, top off the spectacular meal with these comforting baked apples on the grill. You’ll be the neighborhood hero for the rest of the year.

Bond with Family and Friends Around the Grill 

Outdoor cookouts can be a great way to bond with your family and friends. So, why not ring in the New Year while you indulge in fun outdoor games and activities with the kids? You’ll just have to bundle up a bit.

Once you’re done playing, cook your favorite meat, fish, or vegetables on your grill. Impress your closest friends by thrilling their taste buds with your grilling skills. Try out this amazing sticky grilled chicken. In fact, it’s the perfect midnight snack to nibble on after the clock strikes twelve.

Find Your Perfect Grill at Tredway Pools

There are just so many benefits to toasting the New Year on the grill. You get to create unexpected and adventurous dishes for your guests, set a fun and relaxed vibe, save money, and host a unique and memorable event for those you care about.

Are you ready to toast the New Year on the grill? If you’re still looking for your perfect grill, stop by and see us. At Tredway Pools we sell Primo Grills and Saber Grills. Both offer outstanding options. Our knowledgeable team is happy to walk you through the selection and help you find the ideal grill for your New Year on the grill and beyond.



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