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How to See If Your Pool Cover is Ready for the Cold Season

How to See If Your Pool Cover is Ready for the Cold Season

pool cover over a pool for the cold season

Now that autumn is underway, it’s time to say farewell to your pool and get it prepped for closing! It won’t be too long before swimming season’s back, and you can get back to having fun. But for now, it’s time to think about covering it up for the cold season. However, before you go ahead and put on your cover, there’s a big question that you need to ask—Is your pool cover ready for the cold season?

Prep Your Cover

A pool cover doesn’t just keep dirt and leaves away from your pool; it also helps protect your pool from falling branches and other larger debris that could potentially damage the surface. In addition, it helps to block out sunlight, reducing algae growth and it slows evaporation, which helps to maintain water balance. Making sure your cover is ready for closing is crucial to the health of your pool. Here are some of the things that you should check for:

Dirt and Debris

One of the first things you should do to check if your pool cover is ready is to look for debris. People tend to store their pool covers away in their garages or other less than pristine places and often find them dirty when it’s time to get them out. If your cover’s dirty, make sure to hose it down before use.

Wear and Tear 

A pool cover’s lifespan generally depends on its quality, material, and the amount of sun exposure it’s faced. Regardless of their material, pool covers will need to be replaced eventually. An automatic pool cover can last for five to seven years, but a vinyl cover may only last a year. 

If you notice a tear in your cover, you can use a small patch kit to cover up the tear, but this will usually only work on minor tears. If you notice a larger tear, you might need to get your cover replaced altogether. We install automatic pool covers that make your life easier and protect your pool better. Talk to us if you’re interested in an upgrade!

Your Pool’s Surroundings

While having trees around your pool can be a great way to get some shade during swim season, it can also ruin your pool cover. If the branches of your tree hang over your pool cover, there’s a chance that it can puncture the cover, let debris in, and wreak havoc in the water. Help protect your cover by trimming back any branches that hang over your pool.

The Webbing

The stitches or webbing on your cover keeps everything together, and if you notice any stray ends or loose stitches, you likely need to replace your pool cover. If you’re unsure, try tugging gently on the cover to see if the stitches separate from the cover. While you might not want to purchase a new cover, having a functional cover will save you on pool maintenance costs.

Get Your Pool Cover Ready 

Now that you know how to check your pool cover, you can finally get your pool ready for closing! If you need help or don’t have the time to cover up your pool, contact us or stop by your nearby Tredway Pools store, and we’ll get the job done in no time!



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