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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing a Pool

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing a Pool

installing a pool with laminar jets and diving board

Is a new pool on your agenda? Are you struggling with where to begin? There are many things to consider—your purpose, the possibilities, the products, preserving your pool for years to come, and choosing the right professionals. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before installing a pool.

What is my purpose in building a pool?

Are you looking for a place to exercise? Maybe your main purpose in getting a pool is to entertain family and friends. Perhaps you would like to add a pool to increase the value of your property. 

Do you have a family with small children? If so, you will probably want a shallow end. Are you retired and have no children at home? In that case, will grandchildren be coming over to swim? When planning your pool, give some serious consideration to who will be using the pool.

What are the possibilities for installing a pool in my yard?

Here are several things to consider. How much space do you have in your yard for a pool? Is it easy to access the spot you are considering? Is the spot you have chosen clearly visible from the house? Have you thought about “your view” in choosing the spot for the pool? Other things that the builder will take into consideration will be the requirements of the city, the type of soil, and lines such as gas, telephone, or power that may need to be bypassed. 

What type of pool do I want, and what additions will complement my pool?

Are you interested in an inground pool or an above-ground pool? When thinking of installing a pool, take some time to consider other facets that you might want in your yard to complement the pool—patio furniture, gazebo, grill, etc. Most importantly, have a plan and a budget so that you know exactly what you can do before you ever get started.

What will I need to do to keep the pool maintained and in good working order?

As with anything that you own, pools require upkeep. Check into filters, pumps, and chemicals that would be the most suitable for your pool. Next, make sure that the equipment that you choose is energy efficient. Also, you will need tools for cleaning the pool. Depending on the type of pool, regulations in your area, and the location, you will need to think about ways to secure your pool, such as fencing, and safety covers.

Who should I hire to install my pool?

Certainly, you want to choose someone whom you can trust. Ask for references. Make sure that the company is licensed and insured. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. For instance, talk about how long they think it will take, how much it will cost, etc. You want to be as prepared as possible before you start the project.

Tredway Pools Plus has been in business for over forty years. For your convenience, Tredway Pools Plus has three locations—Fort Wayne North, Fort Wayne Southwest, and Warsaw. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about installing a pool. Give us a call at 260-489-5596.



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