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How to Keep Your Pool Running Until the End of the Season

How to Keep Your Pool Running Until the End of the Season

Your swimming pool calls out to you in the summer heat, and taking a dip is something you just have to do! Having a sparkling pool is crucial to your wellbeing and overall enjoyment. However, with the chlorine shortage, you might be wondering what you can do to keep your pool running all season. There’s no need to worry. Here’s how you can enjoy taking a dip in your pool the entire swimming season!

Minimize Needless Chlorine Consumption

The first thing to do to minimize chlorine consumption is to reduce the amount of chlorine going into your pool water. Apart from that, here are some other things you should do to reduce chlorine consumption and keep your pool running all season:

Test Your Pool Water

Testing your pool is vital to understanding your pool chemistry, figuring out if there’s a chemical imbalance, and learning how you can correct it. If you test your water often, you will be able to understand when it requires more chlorine and how to prevent imbalance — such as removing contaminants and reducing sun exposure.

Switch to Stabilized Chlorine

If you have an outdoor pool, you might want to consider stabilized chlorine because it has cyanuric acid or conditioner in it. This acts as a sunscreen and helps prevent the sun from breaking down your chlorine, which minimizes your chlorine consumption.

Other Alternatives to Keep Your Pool Running All Season

While chlorine can keep your swimming pool sparkling, it isn’t the only way to purify your pool. Using alternatives can help to keep your pool clean and stretch the chlorine stock. For example, biguanide is an excellent alternative that doesn’t degrade with the sun. It also keeps the water soft, and doesn’t alter your water’s pH levels. Bioguard’s Softswim® ABC system contains biguanide and is ideal for preventing algae, sanitizing your pool, and keeping the water sparkling clean.

Efficient Filtration is Vital

Sanitation, circulation, and filtration are essential for sparkling pool water. Make sure to improve the circulation of pool water by vacuuming regularly. Clean out the filter when the pressure gauge lets you know and keep the pump basket clean.

Also, filter all of the pool water daily. Improving circulation and filtering will improve the water quality and require less sanitization, thereby reducing the workload of chlorine! 

Additional Tips to Keep Your Pool Running All Season

  • Chlorine takes a long time to break down organics like sunscreen, soap, and makeup. Make sure to shower before a swim to reduce the workload on your chlorine.
  • Don’t wear your regular clothes to the pool because they carry contaminants, which increases chlorine demand.
  • Rinse your swimsuits and avoid any detergents because they affect your pool chemistry.
  • When you’re not using your pool, make sure to keep it covered to prevent chlorine damage and evaporation from harmful UV rays.

Keep Your Pool Running All Swim Season

There are many ways to stretch your chlorine consumption and keep your pool running all season. If you need more advice on extending your chlorine consumption, stop by your nearest Tredway Pools Store. Whether you need advice, free pool tests, or updates on chlorine stock, we’re here for you!



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