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Best Time of the Day to Use Your Hot Tub in Summer

Best Time of the Day to Use Your Hot Tub in Summer

A hot tub can be a life-saver for soothing your muscles and relaxing after a long day. However, when you’re in the middle of a summer heat wave, the hot tub probably doesn’t seem like a natural solution, but it can be! Yes — you can still use your hot tub in summer. Don’t worry; we’ll explain. So if you’re looking for the best time to use your hot tub in summer, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Time to Use Your Hot Tub in Summer 

Getting a Soak in the Morning

Even in summer, there are usually some parts of the day that are cooler. Early mornings can be a great time for a soak since the sun hasn’t reached its highest point, so these times can be quite cool. This can be the perfect time to sip on a cool iced tea and get some alone time before you get ready for your day ahead!

Stargazing with the Family

Not long after the sun sets does the beautiful starry sky come out to play. As the temperatures drop in the evenings, it’s the perfect time to get in some quality time with your family. You can all spend the night stargazing before you retire for the evening. Even better, get your barbecue going and multi-task so that dinner’s ready before a good night’s rest!

Evenings can also be the ideal time if you want to get a quick soak before you go about the rest of your chores. While not all evenings will be cool, it will still be cooler than the afternoon. Make sure to look out for cooler temperatures before you get in your hot tub. A quick soak can be an excellent way to unwind after a long day at work and enjoy the tranquility and breeze that comes with the drop in temperature.

Late Night Soaking Before Bed

Late at night, temperatures drop even further. If you’re a night owl, consider this the perfect opportunity to enjoy a soak and the cool night breeze. Hot tubs are known for improving sleep patterns because the massaging motion and warmth can relax your body and mind. Getting a soothing soak in 90 minutes before bedtime can help you get a better sleep at night. And who wouldn’t like more of that?

Finding the Best Time to Use Your Hot Tub in Summer

Another great tip for enjoying your hot tub in summer, is to adjust the water temperature to just below body temperature. Anything lower than body temperature will feel cool and refreshing, no matter which time you choose to soak.

Apart from the fun of using a hot tub, using one in summer can soothe your aching muscles. It can also improve the quality of sleep, and be a great place to socialize with your friends and family. Contact us to find out all about the many benefits of a hot tub. You can also stop by your nearest Tredway Pools store if you’re looking for backyard accessories to make your soaking time even more enjoyable!



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