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5 Tips For Setting Up a Fun-filled Game Room

5 Tips For Setting Up a Fun-filled Game Room

Creating a game room with endless entertainment and fun for family and friends is exciting and beneficial in today’s society. Everyone at Tredway Pools Plus has seen just how helpful our game rooms are and how versatile they can be. 

Our experts have compiled their ultimate list of tips to make sure your game room turns out even better than ours did!

Convertible dining and pool table
Rustic convertible pool and dining table.

1. Choose the Perfect Pool Table for Your Game Room

The pool table is the heart of any game room, and Legacy Billiards® offers a fantastic solution with its high-quality, convertible pool tables. 

These tables seamlessly transition from a standard pool table to a stylish dining table, maximizing the functionality of your space. 

You can enjoy friendly pool tournaments with friends and family, and when it’s time to dine, simply replace the tabletop and reveal a beautiful dining surface. The benches also double as storage for your equipment, so there is no need to have things shoved in a corner.

Make your space do double duty with one of these beauties in multiple styles.

2-in-1 Game Table

2. Add Complementary Games 

To enhance the entertainment options in your game room, consider adding additional games that complement your pool table. 

We offer a wide selection of games, such as air hockey, foosball, bumper pool, and poker tables, all designed to match the style and quality of your pool table. 

These games provide diverse gaming experiences and ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Make a list of things you might enjoy, and then take some measurements of what space you have left in your room to help you narrow down the choices. 

Modern options for pool and game tables.

3. Create a Comfortable Seating Area in Your Game Room

To make your game room inviting and comfortable, incorporate suitable seating options. 

A bar area with stylish stools provides a relaxed atmosphere for guests to sit and socialize. We even have bars and stools to match the pool table you choose for your game room.

Add comfy chairs or sofas near the gaming tables for spectators or those taking a break from active gameplay. 

Ample seating will ensure everyone enjoys the games and converse comfortably.

Rustic-style bar and stools

4. Design a Stylish Serving Area 

No game room is complete without a well-equipped bar area. Legacy Billiards offers bar cabinets and matching bar stools that perfectly complement their game tables. 

The serving and seating area can serve as a gathering place for refreshments and add a touch of sophistication to your game room. Stock it with your favorite beverages and accessories, and you’ll have everything you need to host memorable game nights.

Extra storage in the bench seat for the convertible pool table.

5. Incorporate a Viewing Area in Your Game Room

Consider including a dedicated viewing area in your game room to cater to different entertainment preferences. 

Install a high-quality TV and surround sound system to create an immersive experience for watching sports events, movies, or video games. 

Comfortable seating arrangements like sofas or recliners will ensure everyone can relax, enjoy the big game, or engage in multiplayer gaming sessions.

This doesn’t need to be the focal point of the room but instead a complement to the pool and dining table combo that is the centerpiece.

Setting up a fun-filled game room is an excellent way to bring friends and family together for memorable moments, and Tredway Pools Plus is here to help in any way you need.

Reach out today to get started planning your dream space just in time for the colder weather to hit. 



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