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4 Gaming Tables Perfect for a Family Game Room

4 Gaming Tables Perfect for a Family Game Room

wooden gaming tables with flowers on it for a family game room

Are you looking for new gaming tables to spruce up your family game room with this year or establish one? Everyone at Tredway Pools Plus knows what an asset they can be for a family’s entertainment and sanity. From keeping the kids entertained to having a safe hangout for your teens to hosting poker night for the boys, it can serve so many purposes. Which tables are the best, though?

1. Table Tennis is a classic game for your family game room.

Table tennis is a classic game that people of all ages can enjoy. Adding one to your space is a no-brainer. With stylish options to pick from, Tredway can even help you achieve a high-end look with whichever gaming tables you choose! Some can even fold up and be stowed away if you prefer. If you need to save space, you can get a table tennis top to place on an existing table. The options are endless. 

2. A card or poker table is another classic you need.

Every family game room, of course, requires a poker table (or card table). This style of the table provides opportunities for many games to be played. While they do have pockets and such for chips, you could easily play board games or other card games comfortably on this table. It is a staple of game rooms around the world. Some of our options even offer a top to put on when you aren’t playing cards so that it could double as a regular table to save space. 

3. Bumper pool tables are a compact addition.

A bumper pool table is an excellent option if you want the feel of a pool table without claiming all the space. No bigger than a kitchen table, you can have the fun and novelty of playing bumper pool with your favorite people. It is also a game that is accessible to all ages and abilities.

4. A dining room table and pool table combo is a MUST for any family game room.

Our favorite of all the great gaming tables we have to offer is a dining table and pool table combination! These spectacular tables have a top to place that allows it to serve as a dining table for your family game room. When dinner is over, remove the cover and a pool table awaits you underneath. The benches store all of your cues and equipment. Once you have your supplies out, the benches stack neatly to be stowed away.

Bonus! Darts make a fun addition to your family game room.

While not a gaming “table,” we do think darts are a necessary addition to your family game room. Darts are another staple that allows many different ages and abilities to play. You can even make it accessible to small children by moving them closer to the dart board. Everyone can take part in this classic game. Bonus, it doesn’t take up floor space! So even in smaller rooms, you could make it work.


If you are looking to enhance your family game room, Tredway Pools Plus has everything you need to get started. With designs to fit any home, you are sure to find something that suits your tastes. Reach out to one of our Fort Wayne locations today to get your order placed. 



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