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SpaGuard® Alternative Spa Care System

Tredway Pools Plus offers SpaGuard® Alternative Spa Care System

Alternative Spa Care System

When an alternative to bromine or chlorine is what you are after, SpaGuard’s® Soft Soak® line of biguanide products provides the perfect solution for your water care. Requiring attention only a few minutes per week, you’ll love just how easy the Soft Soak care products are to use. Sanitize, shock, condition and balance your water. You’ll have soothing, gentle, unbelievably-soft water that’s a joy to be in. Your chlorine-free and bromine-free water care is a breeze with Soft Soak.

  • Soft Soak® Sanitizer
  • Soft Soak® Shock-Oxidizer
  • Soft Soak® Conditioner
  • Soft Soak® Stain and Scale Control
  • Soft Soak® Filter Cleaner