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BioGuard® Algaecides

Tredway Pools Plus offers BioGuard® Algaecides


Prevent algae before it becomes an issue with an algaecide from BioGuard®. The third part of the BioGuard 3-Step Pool Care System, these high-quality algaecides assist your sanitizer and shock to keep your pool clean, sparkling, and free of bothersome algae. Approved by the EPA, our dual active ingredients are effective at preventing and killing algae in your pool. With performance you can count on for chlorinated and brominated pools, Tredway Pools carries the algaecides you need for a summer full of clear-water memories.

  • Algae Complete®
  • Back Up® 2
  • Algae All 60®
  • Banish®


Questions about what algaecide is right for your pool? Our staff are water care experts! Stop in store with your water sample for free, computerized water analysis. Our customer care team can make a professional recommendation for the exact solution your water needs.