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Springtime Pool Opening Checklist

Springtime Pool Opening Checklist
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With summer fast approaching, many of us look forward to relaxing and swimming in our pools. Before we dive or jump into our beautiful pools, it’s necessary to take a pool opening assessment now to see if your pool is in working order.

As we say goodbye to winter, the big question is, what shape is your pool in, and is it swimming season ready? Have you taken care of your pool during the winter months? Rather than it being something to worry about, many pool professionals would agree that if you keep your pool maintained throughout the year, your pool will be clean and healthy when the summertime hits. Proper pool care means being consistent with water testing, chemical treatments, vacuuming, filter cleaning, and so forth, year-round. It’s crucial to keep up your pool care because if your maintenance routine becomes more relaxed, problems can occur. And that is not something you need to deal with as summer approaches quickly.

Rising outdoor temperatures mean that the pool water is also warming up. Paying careful attention to your pool water as the temperature increases will help prevent algae growth and other pH balance problems.

Springtime Pool Opening Checklist

Below is a brief checklist to ensure your pool is swim season-ready and safe.

  1. Test your pool water weekly. You can test your pool water using easy-to-use test strips. You can also bring your pool water to our store, and we will perform a computerized water analysis. Watch for pool water issues, like algae growth, cloudy water, etc., that may happen when the water temperature rises. You can prevent this imbalance with the proper water analysis and correct chemical treatment. Tredway Pools also offers a pool opening service to help you prepare your pool for the summer.
  2. Analyze your pool filter for dirt and buildup. Pool experts recommend that you clean your filter often to ensure optimal filtration. Before that first swim, give your pool filter a good clean.
  3. Give your pool an accurate inspection. Did you find a leak? Are some pool tiles missing? Is there a problem with your pool equipment? Call a pool expert to examine and address any current issues before additional ones happen. That will help keep costs in check, too.
  4. Mark your calendar to do weekly pool maintenance. Pool care requires tasks such as water testing, cleaning skimmer and pump baskets, brushing and vacuuming the pool, backwashing the filter, adding chemicals and balancing the water, and so forth.
  5. Check your chemical supply. Make sure you have enough and the right chemicals to balance your pool during the summer months. Tredway Pools offers a 15% discount on all pre-paid, full-season chemical packages and all prepaid chemical purchases.

Getting your swimming pool weather-ready should not be stressful or complicated. With consistent and careful maintenance and attention, you can quickly get your pool ready for your family to take that first plunge. Tredway Pools is your reliable and professional pool expert, prepared to guide you on preparing your pool for summer. Don’t forget the water toys and pool floats!



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