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Inground Pools Add-On Options

Tredway Pools Plus inground pool add on options

Inground Pools Add-On Options

Building a backyard space isn’t a cookie-cutter journey, and we would never want it to be! Completely customize your pool with lighting, pumps, heaters, handrails, jets, liners, slides, automation, robotic cleaners and so much more.

Your backyard pool can be a reflection of your taste and preferences, as well as the best in aquatic technology and recreation. As you build your new pool, consider these amazing add ons to boost your backyard enjoyment.

  • Pentair Amerlite®
  • Pentair IntelliBrite® 5G
  • Pentair MicroBrite®
  • Dunn-Rite Deck Volley
  • Dunn-Rite Clear Hoop Jr.
  • Pentair Sand Dollar® Sand Filters
  • Pentair Tagelus® Sand Filters
  • Pentair SuperFlo® VST Variable Speed Pump
  • Pentair IntelliFlo® VSF Variable Speed Pump
  • Pentair UltraTemp® Heat Pumps
  • Pentair MasterTemp® Gas Heaters
  • Waterfalls
  • Pentair Deck Jets
  • S.R. Smith™ Slides
  • S.R. Smith™ Handrails
  • S.R. Smith™ Diving Boards
  • Pentair Rainbow 320 In-Line Chlorinator
  • Pentair iChlor® Salt Cells
  • Alpha® Pool Kits
  • Latham Fiberglass Pools
  • Merlin Craftworks Liners
  • Pentair Prowler® 910, 920 and 930W Automatic Cleaners
  • Tanning Ledges
  • Automatic Pool Covers 365™ System
  • Hayward® Skimmers Main Drains and Returns
  • Pentair IntelliConnect® Automation
  • Pentair EasyTouch® Automation
  • Paramount® UV + Ozone Sanitation
  • Ledge® Lounger In-pool Seating
  • Pentair Color Sync™ Controller