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Hot Tubs 101: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Hot Tubs 101: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Have you started shopping for your first hot tub and wish you could take a Hot Tubs 101 class so that you knew you were making the best choices for yourself? If so, you are in luck! The experts at Tredway Pools Plus have compiled our must-know topics here in our very own Hot Tubs 101 course!

Hot Tubs 101 Tip 1: Know the Number of Bathers

Before you start shopping, you want to have an estimate of how many bathers you need your hot tub to hold on average. Will it be just you most days, and a smaller tub will suffice, or will you have friends and family enjoying a soak with you regularly and therefore need space for many people?

Knowing this number will help narrow down the best hot tub for you. It would be unfortunate to have a hot tub installed that doesn’t fit everyone you want or is way bigger than you need.

Hot Tubs 101 Tip 2: Extra Features

Next is the fun addition of features. 

Hot tubs come with all sorts of add-ons today, like water features, lighting options, and even the ability to connect via Bluetooth®.

Which options are a priority to you? Which could you leave off if you need to make cuts? 

Knowing these things before going in will help to determine which hot tub option is best for you. 

If you want to try chromotherapy, you definitely want lighting options for your hot tub. If music or sound therapy is more your speed, make sure to listen to a water feature and the peacefulness it has to offer. Or, include the speakers and audio options of your dreams with your hot tub purchase. 

Hot Tubs 101 Tip 3: Jets

Jets are often something people get stuck on. Many of our customers think they need more jets to have the best hot tub. However, having more jets does not always mean a better hot tub or a better hot tub experience. 

You first want to be sure that you have jets where your body needs them the most. For example, if you struggle with lower back pain, you want to check that a seat in your hot tub will focus on that problem area. You can also find neck, legs, and even feet jets. 

Next, you want to be sure that the pump in the hot tub can accommodate the number of jets present. If you have a small pump and a ton of jets, there won’t be a lot of force present to do much for your massage. 

The more powerful the pump, or even the higher number of pumps, the more jets can be present.

Hot Tubs 101 Tip 4: How to Know You Are Getting a Good Price

Finally, to find the best fit for you, you need to combine all three of the above items in a balanced manner to know you have a quality hot tub at a reasonable price. 

For example, you can sometimes find hot tubs in big box stores, but these “hot tubs” will try to have a large area, tons of amenities, and jets at a rock-bottom price. This signifies that the hot tub needs higher quality and will likely not stand the test of time.

Corners must be cut somewhere to offer that price; therefore, lower-quality materials are used. 

Expect that the more you add to your hot tub, the higher the price will be. 

Now that you know the basics of what you are looking for in a hot tub of your own, you are ready to stop by your local Tredway Pools Plus location and start shopping. Our selection of quality hot tubs, along with our outstanding associates, will ensure you have a hot tub you love for years to come.




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