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Hot Tub TLC: Caring for Your Spa After Heavy Use

Hot Tub TLC: Caring for Your Spa After Heavy Use

Hot tubs often get plenty of use during the cooler months. They’re perfect for stargazing on a chilly evening or for warming up after a long day outside. But after a bustling season of frequent hot tub gatherings or prolonged personal use, your spa inevitably needs some extra attention. Just like a car after a long road trip, hot tub maintenance is required to ensure it continues to provide the relaxing and therapeutic benefits it’s known for. Here are the necessary steps of caring for your spa after heavy use.

Step 1: Test and Shock the Water

Heavy usage can lead to a buildup of oils, lotions, and other residues in your hot tub water. It’s essential to start with a thorough water treatment. Begin by testing and balancing the water’s pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. Next, use a hot tub shock treatment to break down organic waste and clear up cloudy water. 

Retest the water after the shock treatment. You may still need to add additional sanitizer and, if you find that the pH levels are off balance, you may need to use pH increasing or pH decreasing chemicals to rebalance the water. However, if the water is too far gone, it might be time for a complete water change.

Step 2: Filter Maintenance

Filters play a key role in keeping your hot tub water clean. After heavy use, remove and clean the filters thoroughly. Depending on the type of filter your spa uses and how long your filters have been in place, you may need to rinse them with a hose, soak them in a filter cleaner, or replace them altogether. 

Step 3: Cover Care

Your hot tub cover is an unsung hero, protecting your spa from debris and helping maintain water temperature. Clean the cover with a mild soap solution or a specially formulated hot tub cover cleaner to help keep it in good condition. Inspect the cover for any signs of wear, such as tears or sagging, which can affect its insulating properties.

Step 4: System Check and Maintenance

After a period of heavy use, it’s wise to check the spa’s overall operation. Look for any signs of leaks, unusual noises, or error messages on the control panel. Regular checks and timely repairs can prevent small issues from becoming major problems.

If You Need to Drain and Refill

Step 5: Scrubbing and Cleaning the Shell

Residue and buildup aren’t just in the water; they can cling to the sides of your hot tub as well. Once you drain the spa, give the inside of the shell a good wipe-down. Use a non-abrasive hot tub cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratching the surface. Pay special attention to jets and other nooks where grime can accumulate. Rinse thoroughly to ensure no cleaning product residue is left behind.

Step 6: Inspecting and Cleaning the Jets

The jets can become clogged with debris and mineral deposits, especially after heavy use. While cleaning the shell, inspect the jets and remove any visible debris. If your hot tub’s design allows, remove the jet faces and clean inside them. A jet-cleaning product can also be used to dissolve and flush out any internal buildup.

Proper aftercare following heavy hot tub use is key to extending its life and ensuring it remains a source of joy and relaxation. Remember, a little TLC goes a long way in keeping your hot tub in top condition, ready for your next soak. At Tredway Pools Plus, we have all the supplies and advice you need to keep your hot tub in top condition. And, if you need help with hot tub care, our skilled service team is available to step in. Reach out to us.



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