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Checking On Your Pool in Winter: What You Need to Know

Checking On Your Pool in Winter: What You Need to Know

Winter is rapidly approaching and once your pool is snugly tucked away for the colder months, it’s time to shift your focus towards periodic check-ins to ensure everything remains in tip-top shape. At Tredway Pools Plus, we’ve been serving the Indiana community for over four decades, and our commitment to helping our customers doesn’t end when the pool is winterized. Here’s what you need to know about checking on your pool in winter.

Why Check on Your Pool in Winter?

You might be wondering why it’s essential to keep tabs on your pool in winter, especially after going through the trouble of winterizing it. Well, several reasons make these check-ins crucial:

Avoiding Surprise Repairs: 

Periodic inspections can help you catch any issues early, preventing costly repairs in the spring.

Ensuring Proper Winterization: 

Confirming that your winterization efforts are working as intended can provide peace of mind and save you from potential headaches down the road.

Maintaining Water Quality: 

Monitoring water chemistry and cleanliness can help you avoid problems like algae growth, staining, or scale buildup.

Preserving Equipment: 

Regularly checking your pool equipment ensures it remains in good condition and is ready for action when pool season returns.

Winter Pool Check-In List

Now, let’s get into the essential tasks you should perform to keep your winterized pool in great shape:

1. Inspect the Cover

Begin by examining your pool cover. Check that it’s securely fastened and free of tears or damage. A well-maintained cover keeps debris and contaminants out of your pool.

2. Check for Water Accumulation

Inspect the pool cover for any water accumulation or sagging. Remove excess water promptly to prevent damage to the cover and reduce stress on your pool’s structure.

3. Maintain Chemical Balance

Periodically test the water chemistry to make sure it stays within recommended ranges. Adjust pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels if needed to prevent corrosion and other water-related issues.

4. Remove Debris

Regularly remove leaves, branches, or any other debris that may accumulate on the pool cover. This not only keeps the cover in good shape but also prevents potential staining or damage to your pool.

5. Inspect Pool Equipment

Check on any pool equipment that is still out in the elements to ensure it is in good condition. Look for any signs of corrosion or damage, and perform any necessary maintenance.

6. Keep an Eye on Water Level

Monitor the water level in your pool. If it drops significantly, it could indicate a problem with the cover or pool structure. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.

7. Professional Help

Consider scheduling professional pool service for periodic check-ins. Our experienced technicians can ensure that everything is in order and address any concerns that may arise during the winter months.

Your winterized pool deserves a little TLC during the colder months, and these post-winterization check-ins are your ticket to a trouble-free pool season ahead. By following these essential steps, you can prevent surprises, maintain water quality, and ensure your pool equipment is ready to go when the warmer weather returns. At Tredway Pools Plus, we’re here to support you year-round, providing expert guidance and services to make pool ownership a breeze.



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