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8 Top Pool Table Maintenance Tips

8 Top Pool Table Maintenance Tips

Imagine your pool table not just as a game surface, but as a treasured piece in your home’s entertainment arsenal. Its rich green felt, the sturdy click of billiard balls, and the smooth glide of cues form the heartbeat of many fun-filled evenings. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the finer points of pool table maintenance. Here are our top tips to help keep your pool table performing and looking like the stunning showpiece it is.

1. Keep It Clean and Classy

First things first, keep your table clean. While this might seem obvious, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in the fun of having a pool table that the regular cleaning gets overlooked. Dust and debris are like uninvited guests at a pool party – they just don’t belong. Use a soft brush to gently sweep the felt, and remember, it’s a pool table, not a dinner table, so keep those snacks and drinks on other surfaces.

2. Chalk It Up, But Wisely

Chalking your cue is essential, but too much chalk can lead to a build-up on the table and balls. Chalk wisely, folks. A little goes a long way.

3. Handle the Felt with Care 

The felt on your pool table is delicate and can be easily damaged. Avoid spilling drinks or food on the table, as these can leave hard-to-remove stains and even cause the felt to warp. If accidents happen, address them immediately with a specialized pool table cleaner and a soft cloth, dabbing gently rather than rubbing.

4. Mind the Environment

Your pool table’s location plays a significant role in its longevity. Keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent the felt from fading and the wood from warping. Also, maintain a stable room temperature and humidity level to prevent wood expansion and contraction, which can misalign the table.

5. Regularly Check and Tighten the Hardware

Over time, the bolts and screws in your pool table can loosen, leading to instability and uneven play. Periodically inspect and tighten the hardware, especially the legs and pockets, to ensure everything is secure and level.

6. Invest in a Good Quality Pool Table Cover 

When not in use, protect your table with a heavy-duty cover. This not only keeps the dust off but also shields the table from accidental spills and exposure to harmful elements.

7. Professional Resurfacing and Leveling

Over the years, your pool table will inevitably show signs of wear. Professional refelting and leveling are recommended every few years to keep the playing surface even and responsive. This investment can significantly extend the life and enjoyment of your table.

8. Educate and Enforce Proper Usage

Last but not least, educate your family and friends about the proper handling of pool cues and the importance of gentle play. Discourage sitting or leaning on the table, as this can damage the rails and slate.

Maintaining your pool table shouldn’t feel like a chore. At Tredway Pools Plus, we’re all about keeping things light-hearted and fun. Follow these tips, and your pool table will be the life of the party for years to come. Remember, we’re here for you, not just as a business, but as a friend in your leisure and entertainment journey. Keep the balls rolling and the laughter flowing.



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