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5 Steps to Keep Your Winter Safety Pool Cover in Great Shape for Years to Come

5 Steps to Keep Your Winter Safety Pool Cover in Great Shape for Years to Come
a winter safety pool cover over a pool
A winter safety pool cover protects your pool and your loved ones.

A winter safety pool cover serves two purposes, primarily. One: it protects your pool from things that can otherwise cause damage. Two: it serves as an extra layer of protection for your family members and pets. It’s essentially used to keep the debris out and to mitigate evaporation due to sunlight. A winter safety pool cover is stronger than regular covers, and is designed specifically for harsh weather with more debris flying around. A pool safety cover also helps protect those who are around the pool from backyard mishaps, especially young kids and pets.

Though winter safety covers protect your family and you, they need proper care so they can do so for years to come. Here are a few important ideas you can use to protect your winter safety pool cover.

Clear Snow from Your Winter Safety Pool Cover

Your winter safety pool cover is built to handle normal snow accumulation. However, heavy snowfall can accumulate large volumes on your cover pretty fast. This build-up creates additional burden on the pool cover.

If you don’t clear off the snow regularly, the added weight can weaken the cover, and this can cause the cover to buckle, eventually. Keep clearing the snow from time to time. If the snow build-up is more than 3 feet, then you might consider using a leaf blower to blow away the snow (if the snow is light).

You might want to use a soft-bristle broom if the snow is heavy. Just make sure that you don’t use hard and sharp tools like a shovel because this might damage the pool safety cover. 

Don’t let Debris Collect on Your Winter Pool Cover

As with snow, winter season debris blown around by strong winds can damage your winter safety pool cover. Leaves, twigs, and in some cases, even tree branches, can easily reach your swimming pool before you know it. This can damage your pool cover as they rub against the surface of the cover in the wind. Excess accumulation can also make your cover buckle under the weight. So, clear debris frequently by using a leaf net, sort-bristle pool brush, or a leaf blower.

Fix Holes in Your Winter Pool Cover

Holes in your pool cover are a definite no-no. Even the smallest of holes can develop into a big one if it goes unnoticed. Patch holes as soon as possible. And keep an eye out for new holes. Holes in your pool cover are bad for your swimming pool too, because debris can get into the pool through them. 

Ensure Adequate Pool Water Level

Maintain your water level up to halfway up your skimmer opening. Water can act as a support to your pool cover if it starts to sag from the snow or debris. However, maintaining a certain water level is not a replacement for clearing snow and debris frequently. It only serves as a backup.

Store Your Winter Pool Cover Safely Once Winter is Over

When you’re ready to store your pool cover, first clear the cover of all debris before removing it. Remove the build-up with a hose, and let it dry in the sun before tucking it away for the swim season.


Most importantly, invest in a quality pool safety cover to begin with. If you’re in the Fort Wayne North, Fort Wayne South, and Warsaw areas, contact us for winter safety pool covers that will last for many years to come.



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