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Why You Should Invest in a Pool Heater

Why You Should Invest in a Pool Heater

Now that summer’s over and fall is here, you’re probably feeling a bit sad about the prospect of closing your pool. You had a great run and made some amazing memories this summer, but we’ve got some good news for you. You don’t need to close your pool up this early because there’s a way to extend the swimming season. That’s right, don’t get ready to say goodbye so soon, because you can invest in a pool heater when you feel that the water’s getting a bit too cold.

Should you invest in a pool heater?

While it’s refreshing to jump into your cool pool on a hot summer’s day, it isn’t that pleasing to do the same as the weather begins to change and the pool water gets colder. While a pool heater isn’t going to change your pool into a hot tub, it can provide warmth for those chillier afternoons.

A pool heater works by sending the water from the pool to a heating tank that then sends back warm water. The exchange of cold and hot water keeps the water in your pool at a balanced temperature even if it’s cooler outside.

The Benefits of a Pool Heater

There are plenty of benefits to using a pool heater:

A Pool Heater Extends Your Swim Season

Now, you’re not going to be using your Indiana pool for swimming year-round, even with a pool heater. However, if you invest in a pool heater, you can extend the pool season and enjoy your favorite aquatic pursuits for longer.

A Pool Heater Adds Value to Your Investment

When you invest in a pool heater, it adds to the investment you made when you purchased a pool. If you can use your pool throughout the year, you really get your money’s worth. A pool with a heater may also be a great selling point to potential buyers if you relocate.

A Pool Heater Promotes Quality Family Time

Adding a heater to your pool can be a great way to prolong your swim time with your family. You can find new games to play together, and extend your swimming time before closing up.

Choose the Right Pool Heater 

There are two main types of pool heaters: gas and electric (heat pump). 

Gas heaters use natural gas and tend to heat a pool quickly. The pump sends water through the pipes in a chamber where the gas burns. This heats the water before sending it back to the pool. 

Electric heaters are more energy efficient to run and work by using a heat pump to pull in air before moving it into a compressor that increases the heat. That heat then warms up the pool water that’s passing through the system.

Gas heaters are often ideal if you live in a cooler climate, swim occasionally and don’t want to wait long for the pool to heat up. Electric heaters usually work great for those who swim often and don’t mind waiting for the pool to heat up.

Invest in a Pool Heater & Extend Your Swimming Season

If you decide to invest in a pool heater, be sure that you’ve done your research to make the right choice for you. Contact us or stop by one of our Tredway Pools Plus locations. We’re always happy to answer your questions and help you find what you’re looking for.  



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