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Why Santa Would Give You a Marquis® Spa

Why Santa Would Give You a Marquis® Spa

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Santa would give you a Marquis® Spa for SO MANY reasons! At Tredway Pools Plus, we think he would provide you with one because he thinks you’ve been very good this year and deserves what is best for you. Why else do you give people gifts at Christmas time? If you came here looking for more explanation, though, our experts have compiled a complete list of reasons that Santa would want to gift this to someone special – like you! 

1. Santa wants you to relax in your Marquis Spa

Santa knows when we are naughty and nice, which would lead us to believe he also knows when we are stressed or need to unwind. Having a Marquis Spa will allow you to do just that in ways that other spas can’t. With high-quality massage jets, these hot tubs can provide hydrotherapy at another level. Imagine yourself enjoying the gentle rhythmic pressure from shoulders to toes while soaking away your troubles in the warm water. 

2. Santa wants to help relieve your muscle and joint pains

Santa also knows that your joints and muscles are achy. He also knows that soaking in your new Marquis Spa will help to alleviate some of those pains, and used appropriately long term, may help to keep them at bay. 

He is also aware that using your new spa after a strenuous workout will help you to avoid those types of pains in the first place. Santa wants you to care about the health and well-being of your body as much as he does.

3. Santa wants you to throw a fabulous party for your friends

If Santa took the time to add on a few special extras like Bluetooth® or special lighting, he might be looking to elevate your parties! With so many special features to pick from, there are endless ways to make your hot tub experience more exciting with your loved ones. It can also enhance your own relaxation time if that is what you choose to do instead.

4. Santa wants to help you on your journey to better health

Using your hot tub regularly as part of a health and wellness lifestyle can boost the results you see. Sitting in your hot tub can not only burn a few more calories each day but will ensure that your body is ready to take on whatever exercise or work you have for it tomorrow. The health benefits of hot tubs have been studied for a while now, and Santa wants each of us to live our best healthy lives. 

5. Santa wants you to sleep better.

Soaking in your hot tub will help to relax your body and mind preparing you for better sleep. Using your hot tub in the evenings before bed will ease away the worries of the day and lead you into a peaceful sleep. Santa has your best interests at heart and knows you are your best self when you are well-rested. Enjoy your visions of sugar plums dancing in your head after a nice hot tub soak before bed!


So, long story short, Santa would give you a Marquis Spa for Christmas this year because you deserve it. If Santa doesn’t bring you one, stop by your local Tredway Pools Plus in Warsaw or Fort Wayne to be your own Santa. We can’t wait to help you enrich your life this holiday season! 



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