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6 Reasons Why Rectangular Pools Are By Far the Most Popular

6 Reasons Why Rectangular Pools Are By Far the Most Popular

rectangular pool with diving board and landscaping

When it comes time to make selections for your new swimming pool, the options and features are endless. But when you need to decide on the actual shape of your fiberglass swimming pool, you’ll soon learn that rectangular pools are by far the most popular, and a lot of them have to do with price and overall usability – two major factors when planning a new pool project. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Cost

It makes sense that a rectangular pool is overall easier to build, therefore, it costs less. Pools with customized or complex shapes require a great deal more precision to plan, dig, and construct. If you choose a rectangular and vinyl liner swimming pool, you could be realizing greater cost savings over other pool shapes and styles.

2. More Usable Area

It comes down to simple geometry – a rectangle will have more usable space than a circle or other shape. Since part of the purpose of having a pool is to relax with your family or entertain, you want to maximize as much area as possible!

3. Easier Maintenance

Whether you clean your pool yourself or have a service do it for you, it’s helpful to know that rectangular pools are just simply easier to clean. Flat walls and straight corners are easier to access and maintain than curved walls. Pool cleaning might not be a chore that top’s your favorites list, so anything you can do to save time in this regard will be helpful later.

4. No Custom Pool Cover Needed

Because a rectangular pool is a simple shape, chances are that it won’t be too difficult to find a pool cover to protect your investment. This is another one of those things that you will be thankful for later. This is especially true if you find yourself needing a new pool cover in a pinch.

5. Fitness Benefits

If you’re purchasing your pool to increase your swimming fitness, then you’ll definitely want to choose a rectangular pool. Why? Because a rectangular shape is much more conducive to swimming laps, if that’s what you prefer.

6. Landscaping Benefits

Because of their clean lines and 90-degree angles, rectangular pools often coordinate the best with your existing landscaping. Not only that, but when you’re tending to your yard, you probably already know it’s easier to trim a straight area rather than a curvy one. This is another time savings factor that will benefit you down the road. 

Start Planning Your Rectangular Pool 

Now that we’ve given you many reasons to choose a rectangular shape for your new pool, it’s time to start the planning process. Be assured that we carefully choose our suppliers in order to provide you with quality products at a competitive price. 


Tredway Pools Plus offers a variety of rectangular pool options for you to choose from. Fill out our form today to request information about the rectangular pools we currently have available. 



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