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When to Schedule a Vinyl Liner Replacement in Fort Wayne, Indiana

When to Schedule a Vinyl Liner Replacement in Fort Wayne, Indiana
schedule a vinyl liner replacement
Prep for the swim season and schedule a vinyl liner replacement.

There’s only one downside to summer fun in the pool: when it has to end. Each year, we all deal with the end-of-season blues. But this year, don’t allow the fun to come to a halt mid-season due to vinyl liner issues. If you think your vinyl liner might need to be replaced soon, schedule a vinyl liner replacement at Tredway Pools Plus. We have been helping customers in the Fort Wayne area with vinyl liner replacements and more for over 40 years. Let us help you know when to schedule a vinyl liner replacement in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

How Long Do Vinyl Liners Last?

The longevity of a vinyl liner varies from liner to liner. Variables include how well the pool was maintained, the frequency of cleaning, and what products were used. On average, vinyl liners last anywhere from 5-10 plus years. 

How Do Indiana Winters Affect Vinyl Liners?

From December to March, the Fort Wayne, Indiana area averages below freezing temperatures. This spells disaster for your vinyl liner if you do not take proper care and precautions. Keep your pool covered but also make sure water levels stay high. If water levels get too low with freezing temperatures, your liner could shrink and deform beyond repair.

Why Do You Need to Schedule a Vinyl Liner Replacement?

Replacing your vinyl liner has several purposes. First, avoid shutting down your pool. A vinyl liner replacement will give your pool new life and lots more fun for your family for years to come. It will also give your pool a fun and updated look. At Tredway Pools Plus, we offer a wide variety of styles, colors, overlays, and textures so you can have the exact look you desire. 

When is it Time for a Vinyl Liner Replacement?

Your liner will begin to show signs that it’s time to schedule a vinyl liner replacement. You may notice tears and cracks. These can be patched in small numbers but as liners age, they can become brittle and nearly impossible to patch. 

Also, years of exposure to the sun and pool chemicals discolors your liner. This is both unattractive and a warning that the liner is cracking and brittle. Today’s new vinyl liners are made to prevent this unsightly effect. 

Additionally, wrinkles or bubbling under the liner means the liner is being stretched out of shape permanently. Sometimes the liner will come completely out of its track and could cause damage to the permanent structure. Don’t risk this costly damage! Get a vinyl liner replacement when you first begin to see the signs. 

Who Can Help with The Process

At Tredway Pools Plus, we are the choice for repairing and replacing vinyl pool liners, poor repair, and more! We offer honest and transparent services, and products that we truly believe in. Let us help you replace your vinyl liner so your summer fun doesn’t have to stop. Keep your pool open all seasons with a vinyl liner replacement. Contact us today to request a quote and find out more.



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