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SpaGuard® Spa Water Balancers

Tredway Pools Plus offers SpaGuard® Spa Water Balancers

Spa Water Balancers

Keeping the perfect balance of chemicals in your spa doesn’t have to be hard. Take all the guesswork out of the balancing act with the fantastic water balancers from SpaGuard®. Control scale, correct mineral imbalance, and bring your pH and total alkalinity in line within the perfect range. When your water is balanced well, you’ll avoid irritated skin and eyes, as well as prevent damage to your treasured investment. Trust these products from SpaGuard for exactly the solution you need for clean, clear water. 

  • Spa Sentry®*
  • pH Increaser
  • pH Decreaser
  • Total Alkalinity Increaser
  • Calcium Hardness Increaser