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SpaGuard® Effortless Spa Care

Effortless Spa Care

Your best friend in alternative water care, SpaGuard’s® Soft Soak® TRIO® is the easiest way to maintain your hot tub water. Pre-measured packets contain a step-by-step numbered plan, telling you exactly how and when to add chemicals. Soften and clarify, destroy impurities, and prevent scale and corrosion with these easy-to-use packs. Ideal for spas from 275-500 gallons, spa care just became virtually effortless.

  • Soft Soak® TRIO® Enhancing Water Softener
  • Soft Soak® TRIO® Weekly Softener & Clarifier
  • Soft Soak® TRIO® Restoring Spa Cleanser
  • Soft Soak® Brominating Granules
  • Soft Soak® Chlorinating Granules