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BioGuard® Water Balancers

Tredway Pools Plus offers BioGuard® Water Balancer

Water Balancers

Balanced water brings beauty to your swim season by protecting your family, your pool, and its equipment. The correct pH (7.4 – 7.6) in your water contributes to the swimmer’s comfort — resolving itchy, burning eyes and dry, irritated skin. Balancers also protect your pool and equipment from corrosion, staining, etching and deposits. Bringing balance to your pool water doesn’t have to be complicated. Balance pH and alkalinity, stabilize free chlorine, prevent and remove metal staining, damage, and more with professional BioGuard® balancing solutions from Tredway Pools Plus.

  • Balance PAK® 100
  • Balance PAK® 200
  • Balance PAK® 300
  • Lo ‘n Slo®
  • Stabilizer 100
  • Instant Stabilizer 100
  • Pool Magnet® Plus
  • Scale Inhibitor


Questions about what balance solution is right for your pool? Our staff are water care experts! Stop in store with your water sample for free, computerized water analysis. Our customer care team can make a professional recommendation for the exact solution your water needs.