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The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub This Summer

The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub This Summer

A hot tub is a leisurely place to unwind, relax, and enjoy a massage. Since a hot tub is as its name suggests hot, maybe you are thinking that you will not use your spa during the summer. However, a hot tub can be used anytime. Tredway Pools Plus proudly carries the marvelous Marquis Spas collections. Our company has been in the pool and spa industry for over 40 years. We know how to help you get the ultimate enjoyment out of your backyard spa. Let us help you find the best ways to enjoy your hot tub this summer.

Start with Altering the Hot Tub Temperature

In Indiana, the summers may not seem as extreme as they are in other states. However, the hottest days of summer may still seem too scorching to spark interest in a soak in the hot tub. You can start your fuller enjoyment of the hot tub in summer by altering the temperature of your spa. 

Lowering the hot tub temperature to a little below average body temperature (98.6℉) will make the water feel refreshing, even in the heat of the day. When you turn down the heat, you are also saving on operating costs — a bonus for your summertime electric bill.

Soak in Your Hot Tub with Friends and Family

A hot tub soak during the heat of summer can be more pleasant when you invite your friends to join you. You can all enjoy a relaxing massage while catching up on the week and making new memories together. 

Family time is an anticipated event anytime, especially during the summer when everyone has a little more free time to fill. Making a point to spend quality time together is easy when you have your gathering in the relaxing hot tub

Select Hot Tub Soaking Time with Discretion

A brisk morning is the perfect time to enjoy a quick soak in the hot tub. You can get a relaxing massage before heading off to a busy day at work. This can also help you beat the heat that is sure to come later in the day.

Sunset is another ideal time to unwind and soak in your backyard spa. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunset and the coolness of the night air. This is also a great way to prepare your body for a wonderful night of rest. You don’t want to sacrifice any of the Benefits of the Spa just because the outdoor temperatures may be climbing.

Stay Hydrated in the Hot Tub with Plenty of Fluids

Hydration is important anytime. However, during the summer it is even more crucial that you do not forget to hydrate yourself. Keep plenty of water nearby the hot tub for the hydration needs of you and your guests. You can even accessorize your hot tub with a floating ice bucket. This is a great way to keep everyone’s favorite beverages cold and easily accessible. 

Sit Back and Relax in Your Hot Tub

Self care is always necessary — even in the summer. A hot tub is a comfortable place to sit back and relax — resting your mind and body in solitude. Be sure to take time for yourself in the hot tub often. 

These are some of the best ways to enjoy your hot tub this summer. Tredway Pools Plus has 3 locations to visit. Stock up now on all the things you need for your continued hot tub enjoyment this summer.



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