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The Best Times of Day to Use Your Spa in August

The Best Times of Day to Use Your Spa in August

best times of day to use your spa

Using your spa in August may not sound like a great idea initially. It’s already scorching outside in Indiana, why in the world would we recommend you use a hot spa in the hot weather? While our experts at Tredway Pools Plus would not tell you to go sit in hot water in direct sunlight in the middle of summer, there are some best times of day to use your spa in August! Let’s explore what that may look like so that you can start enjoying your spa year round!

Before you soak in summer…

One of the best ways to enjoy your spa in the summertime is actually pretty simple: just turn the heat down. Most hot tubs go down to 80 degrees F or lower, depending on just how cool you’d like your water to be. 80 degrees is probably going to be both cooler than the day outside and your body temperature at around 98.6 degrees, so it will feel cool to you no matter what.

Early in the morning is one of the best times of day to use your spa in August.

Early in the morning is a great time to use your spa in August. Imagine waking up early with a cup of coffee or tea to sip and maybe a good read. You walk out to your spa and soak to help you wake up and maybe even watch the sunrise. You could use this time to meditate or just relax before beginning your day. The air is typically cooler first thing in the morning and the warm water and jets will be a wonderful way to slowly awaken your muscles. Ten out of ten would recommend!

Dusk or early evenings is one of the best times of day to use your spa in August.

If early mornings aren’t your thing, we get that. You can get some of the same benefits by using your spa later in the evenings. When the sun sets, the temperature typically dips, making for a more enjoyable soak. Instead of watching the sun come up, you can end your day watching it set and sipping on a drink. It is still a relaxing way to end your day, and should have you relaxed and ready for bed in no time! We can’t think of a better way to end our day!

After a good workout.

If you place your spa in the shade, or purchase one of these awesome Covana covers to create a shaded gazebo when it lifts with just the turn of a key, you can really use it any time of day. This makes soaking after a good workout a fantastic idea. You can use the jets for a little hydrotherapy. This will ease any muscle tension you may have and ensure your next workout is even better than the last. For those participating in physical therapy or recovering from injury, the jets, warm water, and shade may be just what your body is craving to really boost that recovery process.


There are so many ways to utilize your spa year-round. If you are considering your own spa purchase, come down to your local Tredway Pools location and see all of the options we have in stock and are ready to go home with you. You don’t have to wait until cooler weather arrives to begin enjoying your spa purchase. We can even help you scout out the best location in your space to place the spa for year-round use. Let us know how our experts can help you.



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