When Do I Open My Swimming Pool for Spring in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

open my swimming pool for spring

Ahh, the promise of spring is right around the corner in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And we hope that shortly after spring arrives will be the glorious months of summer, when we can all take in as much swimming as possible before the temps dip again. With the arrival of warmer temperatures, the question always begs to […]

The Ultimate Pool Care Guide for New Pool Owners

pool care in Indiana

From opening your pool in the spring to closing your pool in the fall and everything in between, there are a number of tasks that new pool owners have to learn. To help you pick up the process, Tredway Pools is here to offer the ultimate pool care guide for new pool owners.  Pool Opening […]

Springtime Pool Opening Checklist

With summer fast approaching, many of us look forward to relaxing and swimming in our pools. Before we dive or jump into our beautiful pools, it’s necessary to take an assessment now to see if your pool is in working order. As we say goodbye to winter, the big question is, what shape is your […]

DIY versus Professional Pool Maintenance

DIY versus professional pool maintenance

When you buy a pool, maintenance is probably not at the top of your list of things you’re looking forward to. Why can’t you just get a pool and not have to worry about cleaning it? Unfortunately, like a home, cleaning a pool is necessary. But, also like a home, you have options when it […]