Your Guide to Pool Safety Covers

pool safety cover, automatic pool cover, mesh safety cover, solid safety cover

Most people are familiar with pool covers in some form, but did you know there are a few different types? The two main types are a winter cover and a pool safety cover. Tredway Pools can assist you in purchasing either one for your pool this end of season, depending on your specific needs. While […]

How Much Does a Swimming Pool Cover Cost in 2022?

pool safety cover, automatic pool cover, mesh safety cover, solid safety cover

The question isn’t necessarily how much does a pool cover cost, but how much not having one could cost you in the long run. When you purchase a swimming pool, sometimes the extras come as a surprise. You don’t always expect to consider filters or different types of lighting when you picture languishing by the […]

Take a Peek Under Your Pool Cover this Winter

pool cover this winter with snow

Even though Indiana pools are safely tucked away for the winter season, Tredway Pools recommends keeping an eye on your pool through the winter months. Pool maintenance does not stop in the winter; the job description just changes a little. So, when you take a peek under your pool cover this winter, here are some […]

How to Kid-Proof Your Pool Area


Kids and pools … there’s something about that combination that screams summer. Can’t you just hear the splashing and laughing? No matter what generation you’re from, swimming pools have always been a huge draw for kids. With that in mind, if you have a swimming pool, it’s important to make sure that everyone has a […]

Maintaining Your Automatic Pool Cover This Summer

maintaining your pool and cover

Your automatic pool cover helps you take care of your pool all summer long. It keeps debris out of the water, warms your pool, helps prevent water and chemical evaporation, and gives you peace of mind that you’ve got the very highest pool safety standards. But did you know your automatic pool cover needs a […]

5 Steps to Keep Your Winter Safety Pool Cover in Great Shape for Years to Come

a winter safety pool cover over a pool

A winter safety pool cover serves two purposes, primarily. One: it protects your pool from things that can otherwise cause damage. Two: it serves as an extra layer of protection for your family members and pets. It’s essentially used to keep the debris out and to mitigate evaporation due to sunlight. A winter safety pool […]