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Taco Tuesday on the Grill

Taco Tuesday on the Grill

Taco Tuesday is a popular weekly celebration. Who doesn’t love a taco?! Taco Tuesday is a perfect opportunity to combine two of the things you love the most — tacos and the grill. Grilling the savory meat of your choice to enjoy wrapped in a delicious tortilla topped with your favorite garnishes … this is a dream come true. Here are some tips for your Taco Tuesday on the grill, a new tradition to implement right away.

Grab Your Grill and Gadgets

Tredway Pools Plus has the gorgeous grills that will make weekly taco nights a breeze. Come by to get the grill and all the gadgets you might need to get started. We have beautiful Saber Grills and Primo Ceramic Grills to choose from. Our team can help you decide which grill best fits your needs.

Research Really Amazing Recipes

When you have an amazing grill, it is really difficult to mess up any meat. Tacos are a very versatile meal — delicious with such a variety of ingredients. There are all kinds of tacos that are popular. Taco Tuesday can be fresh and new every week — just switch up your meat and add-ins every time.

Classic Chicken Tacos

Start simple with these Cooking Classy’s Grilled Chicken Street Tacos. You can’t go wrong with classic chicken tacos. They are sure to be a family favorite.

Popular Pork Tacos

Here is How To Make Tacos Al Pastor On The Grill. These popular pork tacos are always a great choice. When you master making them on the grill, you’ll have your own taco truck-style tacos right in your own backyard.

Succulent Steak Tacos

This Grilled Carne Asada for Tacos Recipe will definitely be a crowd pleaser. The thin, juicy steak makes a succulent taco that is hard to describe. If you have any meat leftover, it makes a delicious quesadilla too. 

Spicy Shrimp Tacos

Do you like a little heat in your taco? Try this Grilled Spicy Shrimp Tacos Recipe. Grilling shrimp is fairly quick, and you’ll be enjoying a delicious taco feast in no time.

Tasty Taco Burgers

Don’t forget that tacos can come in all kinds of forms. These Best Grilled Taco Burgers can give yet another option for the anticipated Taco Tuesday. A variety of grilled burgers is fun too.

Don’t Disregard Delicious Sides

There are several fairly simple sides that add an extra delicious twist to Taco Tuesday. Spanish rice and beans are probably the most common sides. You can add some homemade guacamole or salsa with chips for a little flavor and color too. A salad or coleslaw is a great healthy addition as well. If you want to use the grill for a side, Mexican Grilled Corn is a popular authentic dish to try.

Pig Out on the Patio

With grilling season comes the wonderful opportunity to dine alfresco. Stop by your local Tredway Pools location to see our wonderful selection of Patio Furniture. New furniture will beautify your patio and outdoor living space. Moving to the patio also ensures you have plenty of space for everyone to enjoy Taco Tuesday on the grill to the fullest.



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