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Qualities to Look for in a Swimming Pool Company

Qualities to Look for in a Swimming Pool Company

Searching for a swimming pool company takes a little research. As you sort through your options, there are certain qualities that you will be looking for in the pool company you decide to use. Your search can end here! Tredway Pools Plus is a trustworthy company that has been serving the Indiana community since 1976. The qualities to look for in a swimming pool company are part of our value system.

Honesty and Integrity are Important

At Tredway Pools, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. Our foundational Christian principles are what guide every transaction and decision that we make. You can rest assured that honesty will be our top priority throughout every step of the pool building process. 

Our qualified team will communicate with you regularly throughout each phase of the build. An In Ground Pool addition has multiple steps leading up to its completion. Throughout the planning and legal paperwork stage, to the excavation and installation stage, our team will keep you updated about all progress and inevitable delays. 

People are the Priority

We value our customers. You matter to us. We want to know all about your dream pool and all the things that will accompany it. We will do our best to help your dreams come true exactly as you imagine.

Our team is also valuable to us. Their skills and expertise add value to our company. Our employees know and support our values. They strive to treat each pool installation as equally important. We want each customer to be completely satisfied with the pool of their choosing.

We offer professional service. You will be treated fairly. We will all have fun together as we design and then create the pool you’re eager to enjoy.

Positivity Takes Precedence

Attitude often determines the outcome of a situation. If great news is being delivered, a positive attitude is easy to muster. This positivity is contagious and makes the moment memorable and enjoyable. 

At Tredway Pools, our team understands the importance of always striving for a positive attitude and outlook. If not-so-great news needs to be given such as a delay on some step of the pool build, positivity can still make a difference. We choose to look for the positive as much as possible in all situations.

Steadily Selecting Superior Suppliers Says “Quality”

One more item on your list of qualities to look for in a swimming pool company is “high quality products.” At Tredway Pools, we have carefully selected the suppliers and products that we carry. We proudly partner with a local manufacturer named Only Alpha and Trilogy Pools to get you the in-ground pool that you’ll truly enjoy. 

We have the largest selection of in-ground pools in the area. Choose the shape you love, and let us help you customize and accessorize your aquatic entertainment destination. 

High quality pool chemicals are another item that you must have on hand for regular pool maintenance. We trust the pool experts and carry Bioguard® chemicals for all of your water needs. Call (260)-489-5596 today to let Tredway Pools have the honor of being your swimming pool company.



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