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How to Protect Your Inground Pool During Spring Storms

How to Protect Your Inground Pool During Spring Storms

protect your inground pool this spring from storms

Whether you’re a new or seasoned pool owner, you might be wondering what precautions you can take to protect your hefty investment in your pool. Fortunately, you can do some simple things to protect your inground pool during spring storms.

How to Protect Your Inground Pool This Spring

While most of these spring storms might be innocent, light rain showers, the fact is that the constantly varying temperatures during this time of year can bring about some nasty storms. If you’re not properly prepared, some of these storms could be damaging to your pool. If you can, it makes sense to plan ahead so that you can avoid unnecessary swimming pool service or swimming pool repair. 

Turn Off Pool Power to Protect Your Inground Pool

If you know a spring storm is approaching, it’s best to turn off your pool’s power. While this can’t guarantee your equipment won’t sustain damage, it can help limit the possibility of electrical issues as a result of the storm. By turning off the main circuit to your pool, you will turn off the motor, pump, heater, and anything else electrical that your pool uses to function. 

Don’t Put the Cover On Before a Storm

Though your instinct may be to put your pool cover on before a spring storm, resist the urge. Why? Because flying debris is actually more damaging to your pool cover than it is to your actual pool. Stray branches and leaves are easy to retrieve once the storm is over, but if they happen to damage your pool cover if on during a storm, there’s a chance you’ll have to replace it, which isn’t ideal.

Similarly, refrain from draining your pool if a big spring storm is headed your way. It is less damaging to your pool if items fall in it while filled, rather than empty. 

Protect Your Inground Pool by Balancing the Chemicals

Rainfall can bring bacteria to your pool that can offset the balance. Be sure your pool’s chemicals are balanced and where they need to be prior to rainfall so that they don’t become more out of whack after the storm passes. 

Put Pool Furniture Away

If you’re expecting a particularly violent spring storm, it’s also best to put away your pool furniture or any other large, moveable objects in your yard. If the wind gets violent, you won’t have to worry about your furniture or other objects flying into your pool or otherwise causing pool damage. 

Trim Overhanging Branches

Spring is the perfect time to go through your yard and trim down any large, overhanging branches. These can be a major hazard if a storm hits, no matter what time of year. 

Pool Repair and Service Post Storm

Despite your best efforts, sometimes Mother Nature has her own plans. If you find yourself in need of swimming pool repair, rest assured that Tredway Pools Plus is here for you. Whether you need repair or just swimming pool service and maintenance, we have you covered. 

Contact Tredway Pools Plus for more information about swimming pool repair and service. We are happy to help you with any of your pool maintenance needs. 



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