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Journey with friends and family in the V84 six-person hot tub — your vessel for the ultimate in relaxation and fun. Fit for royalty, the V84’s roomy interior boasts powerful hydrotherapy for your whole body. 36 Jetpods and the V-O-L-T™ system deliver relief to all the right spots. Feel the force of the The Whitewater-4™ jet on your feet and legs. Lean back into comfort with ergonomically-designed seats. With a fully customizable massage, you’ll find therapy that is out of this galaxy with the V84 from Tredway Pools Plus.
Standard features include:
– Five Specialized Massage Seats
– One standard massage seat
– Interchangeable Jetpods with stainless steel trim
– V-O-L-T™ system high-flow therapy
– Five V3 Throttle Control valves
– ConstantClean™ with SmartClean™

Seats: 6
Seating Capacity: 6
Jet Count: 37
Dimensions: 84″ x 84″ x 36″
Water Capacity: 320 gallons
Weight / Filled: 700/3372 lbs
# of Filters: 2 filters
Pumps: 2 pumps = 320 GPM

High-Flow Therapy

No one enjoys the experience of being relentlessly pelted by a concentrated stream of water. With HIGH-FLOW THERAPY from Marquis, you’ll have an entirely different experience. HIGH-FLOW THERAPY combines a large amount of water flowing at low pressure. The weight of the large volume of water creates an all-encompassing soothing and massaging effect on the body.


Looking for a more hands-off approach to hot tub care? With CONSTANCLEAN+ from Marquis, your dream is a reality. The system includes SmartClean technology which runs all of your spa’s water through a clean-up cycle two times per day, without you having to remember a thing. CONSTANTCLEAN+ does this automatically. The system also runs another automatic cleaning cycle after each hot tub use. This translates to savings on chemicals and on time.


Soaking in the hot tub is always a rejuvenating experience, but if you’re looking to take your spa time to the next level, Marquis has you covered with MICROSILK®. Combining the Venturi system with a dedicated pump, MICROSILK delivers a cloud of negatively charged bubbles that are tiny enough to penetrate pores. These microbubbles supply cleansing oxygen to the skin for a whole body detoxification experience.